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Published: September 30, 2021

Written by: David

  • Riot suspends Slaze over accusations of boosting
  • She allegedly used the help of a cheater to boost her MMR
  • Slaze tells her side of the story on Twitter

VALORANT pro player Slaze has been suspended from VCT Game Changers due to accusations of boosting. She denies these accusations.

Slaze Is Banned due to Alleged Boosting

Slaze is a member of Polaris, and Riot recently suspended her from competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers Series Three Main Event which is running this weekend. The reason stated is unlawful boosting.

The suspension will last three months and was enacted by Riot after they determined that Slaze boosted her placement by repeatedly queuing with a cheater. The company suspended the player earlier this week but they only released their official competitive ruling on Wednesday.

Riot said in their official summary that “Slaze was found to have repeatedly queued together into Competitive with cheaters”. They explained that on multiple occasions the cheater would be banned mid-game, then log in to a new account, and proceed to requeue with Slaze. This happened even after Slaze received notification of cheater detection.

This is called Bussing, which is the practice of queuing with a cheater to climb ranks, and this is the reason why Riot banned Slaze. According to the company on Sept. 20th, she won 8 games with a cheater. After the cheater got banned, they logged into a new account and then again requeued with Slaze.

Apparently, the cheater created a total of four accounts after they first ban and repeatedly queued with Slaze. These games netted her 77% of her competitive MMR total gain, and it is estimated that she played 60% of her matches alongside the cheater.

Slaze Responds to Allegations

Slaze posted in a Twitter thread explaining her side of the matter. She says she has never boosted her accounts and claims that this is a targeted assault by people who do not like her and using their friends at Riot to harass her.

Being a member of Polaris and not being able to play this weekend in the VCT Game Changers Series Three Playoffs, forces the team to try and find a substitute player at the last moment. Slaze also stated that her team worked hard to get to this tournament and urged someone in Riot to help her and her team to resolve the situation.

Riot has not yet commented openly on the accusations of targeted banning and it is still unlikely they will lift Slaze’s ban in time for this weekend’s tournament. 

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