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Published: September 9, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • TenZ is Sentinels’ superstar, both in performance and in popularity
  • Rumors say he might be searching for a new team in the upcoming months
  • Sentinels might be starting the Americas league in February without TenZ

Following a disastrous season, Sentinels might be losing their star player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who is rumored to want to become a free agent.

TenZ Might Leave Sentinels

Esports players always sign limited contracts with the organizations they are playing for. These contracts can vary in length from just a few weeks, if the player is, for example, substituting another one, to years spanning many competitive seasons. Naturally, when a contract ends, the player can choose to either re-sign with the organization or explore different options. Of course, the same rules apply to VALORANT superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who is rumored to be choosing the second option once his current contract with Sentinels expires. 

Sentinels, and some other organizations, have been discussing with tournament organizer and game developer Riot Games for months to secure a slot in the Americas league, which will begin in February. The full list of teams is yet to be revealed by Riot, but according to Dot Esports’ sources, Sentinels will allow TenZ to start looking for other teams in December. However, there is the likelihood that the organization will re-negotiate a contract with TenZ if it secures a slot in the Americas league. 

TenZ is allowed by his contract to search for other teams starting the end of the competitive season. If he decides to not re-sign with Sentinels, he will be joining a vast pool of players and coaches who will enter free agency at the conclusion of the competitive year.

What Are Sentinels’ Options Now?

One potential reason why the Canadian player might want to quit Sentinels and look for new options is the organization’s lackluster performance the past season. Although Sentinels started the VCT North America Challengers with two victories, the team failed to win not even a single match during the Group Stage. Not only that, but each match was an absolute disaster, with Sentinels not even winning a single, except one against Luminosity Gaming at the start of the Stage. 

There was a ray of hope for Sentinels when they one against Shopify Rebellion during the last chance qualifiers, but they blew their chances at progressing after later suffering defeat at the hands of 100 Thieves. Regardless of TenZ’s skills and 3 million amassed followers, according to Twitch Tracker, Sentinels have to rethink their whole strategy and/or roster composition, if they do not want the same performance in the Americas leagues. Teams have to submit a roster to Riot in October to give the developers enough time to finalize the logistics of moving players and finalizing formats.

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