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Published: November 1, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • New Halloween-themed weapon skins are coming to VALORANT
  • Data miners find out the items’ prices before Riot announces anything
  • The bundle should be released with VALORANT’s Patch 5.09

Riot is celebrating the Halloween festivities by releasing a new ghostly-themed skin bundle for several weapons.

Skins Coming to VALORANT

Although Halloween has already passed, Riot Games has still not forgotten the so-called spooky season and so it’s bringing special Halloween-themed skins to VALORANT. The agents will be able to get that spooky drip for their weapons with the so-called Soulstrife theme. The skin bundle will be available in the in-game shop from November 1.

The new skins have, as the name suggests, a texture resembling the souls of the damned swirling around. The black and white ghostly skins include a scythe that looks like it belongs to Death himself, as well as a Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and Ghost, with names that appropriately fit the ghostly vibe. 

The skin line’s black-and-white theme is obviously different from other ones, but the overall aesthetic of the textures themselves resembles the Reaver and Reaver 2.0 collections. Both of these are some of the most popular skin lines in VALORANT.

Interestingly, the skin collection was leaked a few days ago, before Riot announced anything like this is coming to the game. The bundle will be coming alongside VALORANT’s patch 5.09. It’s likely the patch will also bring in a lot of balance changes to the game and will likely hit different regions at different times. It should be live in NA at around 8 am CT, but will likely come later in Europe. 

VALORANT’s skin bundles usually remain in the store for a few weeks at least. After that, players can only buy separate skins, which usually means they would pay more if they want to have the entire collection. They would also be able to pick them up from the Night Market at a discounted price, but not every skin is eligible. 

According to data miners, the whole Soulstrife bundle will cost 7 100 VP. Sold separately, each gun will cost 1 775 VP, while the scythe will set players back 3 550 VP. There is no information that there will be different color variants.

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