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Published: July 28, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • VALORANT has received a lot of large content drops but on a not very regular basis
  • The game will try to cut content into smaller pieces and release it more regularly
  • David Nottingham teased that fans should stay tuned for the next act which will expand on the lore

Fans and lore-enthusiasts should stay tuned for the next big VALORANT update, David Nottingham said.

VALORANT’s Large but Inconsistent Content Drops

Riot Games are professionals when it comes to adding a coherent story to their highly competitive games and make them feel more content-packed as a result. Lore enthusiasts can rejoice as the company has implied that more story content will be arriving in the next arc which releases on August 24.

The name behind this information is none other than the game’s creative director David Nottingham. Apart from urging fans to stay tuned for some more lore, he has shed some light on how Riot Games handles content drops.

 “We’ve been nose to the grindstone,” the creative director Tweeted.

Nottingham explained that Riot has been focusing on content drops that are so big that they exhaust the team and don’t provide them enough time to rest before beginning to work on the next one.  

This does indeed seem to be the case, as evidenced by the last few months. VALORANT has been trying to raise fans’ hype by preferring to focus on rarer updates but ones that are indeed full of high-quality content. This model always delivers supreme additions to the game and leaves enough time for fans to get used to what’s new and begin to anticipate what’s to come.

Changing the Update Model

However, Riot will try to change things a little bit and establish a more consistent release schedule. That means content will be cut into smaller portions that will be released to the fans more regularly. According to Nottingham’s tweets, the company is aiming to have “a steadier stream” of new things added to VALORANT.

The creative director teased fans that there are more things to come, especially when it comes to content and lore. He didn’t specify anything in order to let fans’ imagination run wild but he did say that VALORANT players will learn more once the new act arrives on August 24.

VALORANT’s latest large update saw the release of a new battle-pass and the new timeline-traveling robotic agent KAY/O. His release was preceded by a curious event on the game’s official Twitter page that got “hacked” by Killjoy.

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