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Published: May 31, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Riot Games is bringing competitive Valorant to India and South Asia through dedicated qualifiers
  • The qualifiers will carry a $33,000 prize pool and be a gateway to the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers
  • NODWIN gaming co-founder Akshat Rathee said that the community was deserving of having an official chance to compete in Valorant globally 

Valorant Esports continues to develop at a rapid organic pace, and NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games are now bringing the competitive ecosystem to India and South Asia. 

Valorant Arrives in South Asia and India 

Riot Games intends to hold true to its original promise to develop Valorant esports at an organic pace. Now that demand in South Asia and India is soaring, the company is teaming up with NODWIN Gaming to deliver on that promise. 

The partnership will establish a special VALORANT Conquerors Champions that will focus on these two regions exclusively. Registrations will begin on June 15, and participants will be competing in qualifiers for a $33,000 prize pool. There will be a total of six qualifiers held in the following countries:

  • India
  • Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka and the Maldives 
  • Bangladesh 
  • Nepal and Bhutan 
  • Wildcard

The VALORANT Conquerors Championships will be a qualifier event for the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers, part of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour. Riot is evidently sparing no effort in bringing the community together.

Qualifications to Begin Soon, Register Now 

Even without a centralized authority to step in, India and South Asia have launched a series of grassroots tournaments, cultivating a notable player base that will now compete against the rest of the world. NODWIN co-founder Akshat Rathee said that the game’s success in both regions has compelled Riot to act quickly.

“This is a great opportunity for the entire VALORANT ecosystem in South Asia to catapult itself to stardom, “Rathee added. He was confident that the regions deserved a chance to make it to the Last Chance Qualifier. 

“We and our friends at Riot Games have worked together to build this ladder that connects South Asia to the global roadmap of VALORANT esports,” he concluded. Players will have to go through a fair few matches before they can make it to the top, but it’s all very accessible.

Once you submit a registration on June 15, you will be assigned online matches to qualify. From there on, you will get to the playoffs and then the grand finals if you make the cut. Winners from the qualifiers’ grand finals will head out to the Last Chance Qualifier. 

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