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Published: April 21, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games has unveiled Fade – the newest playable character coming to VALORANT
  • Fade’s arrival was predicted by data miners who correctly guessed her name
  • Fade will be a fearsome initiator who uses skills to terrify her enemies

Riot Games just gave fans a quick glimpse at Fade, VALORANT’s upcoming agent.

The New Agent Is a Fearsome Bounty Hunter

It turns out the leaks about VALORANT’s upcoming agent were correct. Riot Games has just provided fans with a small glimpse at the new playable character, confirming that her name is indeed Fade.

A recent leak by two independent data miners revealed the new agent’s name and her nationality. According to the reveals, Fade is of Turkish origin and is a fearsome bounty hunter who enjoys terrorizing her enemies. While Fade’s nationality hasn’t been confirmed by the short announcement video, there have been some hints to suggest her oriental origin.

Sadly, as of now, we have nothing but a short video that shows a promotional art of Fade. The announcer teased that the peculiar eye decoration on Fade’s vest is important to the character’s backstory but didn’t spoil how.

What Do We Know about Fade?

While not all of the leakers’ words have been confirmed, we know for sure that Fade will be an initiator character whose playstyle will emulate the thrill of hunting down prey. In the past few weeks, Riot Games has been dropping subtle hints about this concept.

Fade’s abilities will likely reflect this idea. As of now, we have a quick glimpse of what may be one of Fade’s special moves – if a player goes to the basement around Brimstone’s office and enters a cell that is supposedly Fade’s, they would receive a debuff that limits their vision. It is not hard to imagine that this will be the type of skills VALORANT’s new agent uses.

We are yet to see how the character will perform but we have a date to look forward to – the announcer confirmed that a full promotional video of the character will be released on April 24, right on the day of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík grand finals.

While Fade’s release isn’t set in stone, she is expected to hit the game in act 3 which will be released on April 26. 

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