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Published: September 7, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Transferring and signing players in the 2024 VCT will now be very different
  • The period for changing roster compositions will run almost until VALORANT Champions
  • Reserve rosters can also now hold more and new kinds of players

Riot Games’ new ruling for how player transfers will happen in VALORANT Champions Tour 2024 will give organizations much more flexibility for creating rosters.

Riot Announce New Rules

Roster and player transfers are a key part of every esports field, but the way they are done is often regulated by some form of a ruling body. Riot Games is one such entity, as the company often puts out rules of how organizations should handle such transfers when it comes to competitive titles like League of Legends and VALORANT.

This latter title recently had some drastic changes when it comes to transferring players for the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour. In a document published on September 6, Riot outlined the new rules regarding how players can be signed and transferred between teams. It states that teams will be able to make changes to their rosters between September 11 this year and run until July 15 the next.

The new rules are a huge departure from the previous transfer window, which closed on February 1. In fact, two weeks after that period ended, there was the VTC’s first tournament of the circuit, aptly named LOCK//IN. As one might expect, organizations were not allowed to make roster changes after it, excluding a mid-season transfer window between March 6-25 that gave teams a chance to readjust their rosters.

How Will This Change the VTC?

With the new rules coming into effect soon, organizations will be given a lot more flexibility when it comes to fine-tuning their teams. They will be able to change composition based on how the season is going. It’s hoped that this will elevate the level of play and avoid the existence of “dead teams”.

Additionally, the new rules will act as somewhat of a safeguard for organizations, who might see some of their players be unable to play or leave the team, as the former could just bring in new members at all times if the need arises. This season, VCT EMEA team Karmine Corp notably had to compete with a coach after a player abandoned the team midway through the season, so it’s hoped the new rules will help avoid such situations.

Furthermore, Riot Games have softened the VCT’s roster size regulations, with teams now required to have a minimum roster of five players, down from six in 2023. Also, each team’s reserve roster can now hold up to five players, one more than this year. This is the roster that has players who do not meet the minimum age requirements, players who are serving a suspension, and loaned players.

We should also note that the new rulings for the 2024 VCT also introduced the so-called two-way players, of which organizations can have up to two in their reserve roster. These are those players who are eligible to compete for a VCT team and a secondary, affiliated team.  

Overall, Riot Games have changed quite a lot of fundamental things about next year’s VCT so it would be interesting to see what organizations do with this newfound flexibility they have on their hands.

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