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Published: April 16, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • VALORANT will get a coaching slot to allow team managers and coaches to assist their squads and guide them through matches
  • The slot will be introduced with Patch 2.08 on Wednesday, April 28
  • Riot Games remains dedicated to developing VALORANT as an organic esports title 

VALORANT’s esports competitive scene is going to get a new feature with Riot Games introducing a coaching slot at the end of April. 

VALORNT Gets Coaching Slot to Improve Esports 

Riot Games is letting VALORANT grow at its own pace, but this doesn’t mean the company will stop adding helpful features to speed this growth along. 

The latest initiative by the company is the coaching slots, which will allow teams to be mentored in real-time by their relevant members of staff. The coaching slot will be introduced with the rollout of Patch 2.08 on Wednesday, April 28

Speaking about the esports future of the game in a blog post, VALORANT esports strategist Riley Yurk talked about the upcoming changes in the game’s competitive scene and what to expect, adding:

“As an esports, we continue to be excited at the prospect of coaches playing a larger role in matches and plan to provide more analytical tools in the future.”

VALORANT esports strategist Riley Yurk

Coaches will be able to join custom matches and watch teams, potentially using a range of analytic tools to collect real-time data and leverage it to shape a team’s strategy and offer advice on adjustments, just like a real-life coach would in any mainstream sport.

Coaching has already been a part of the competitive esports scene, with games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive long benefiting from the feature, even though an infamous spectator bug caused some controversy and led to bans.

Coaching slots in VALORNT bring an important dynamic and help build relationships, Yurk explained in the blog publication. Riot Games believes that the coaching slot can serve as a stepping-stone to future esports developments as the company is committed to developing the competitive angle of the game. 

“We look forward to evolving coaching and its supporting features with help from VCT participants,” Yurk added.

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