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Published: November 1, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • The Twitch leak has revealed that some Turkish players get suspiciously high revenues
  • Upon further research, it turned out they were a part of illegal money-laundering operations
  • Riot will be taking action against them, with some even getting banned

Over 300 Profession Turkish VALORANT players and streamers will receive various degrees of punishment for their involvement in a money-laundering case.

How the Scheme Got Uncovered

As many as 300 Turkish VALORANT players and streamers may be banned or receive various punishments in the wake of a money-laundering scandal.

The money-laundering suspicions arose a few days ago when Twitch suffered from a massive breach that got details about the payments of its top streamers leaked to the public. Although this proved to be a huge blow to the platform’s reputation, industry specialists were interested to have a look at the details.

All was fine until people noticed that numerous Turkish streamers are receiving some donations that seem rather disproportionate to the size of their fanbase. Industry reviewers immediately suspected something shady might be going on.

According to rumors, some of those Turkish content creators have been involved in an illegal money-laundering scheme that provides them with donations from stolen Twitch accounts and credit cards. The alleged scheme would allow content creators to keep between 30%-50% of these illegal proceeds and send the rest to the ringleaders.

Riot Will be Issuing Penalties

Some of the Turkish VALORANT pros have also been involved in this with a group even going clean and admitting their involvement. Yet, some insisted that they didn’t know what exactly they were a part of.

“There are hundreds of people like me who have no knowledge about stolen card issues, who do not know about such things, and who go in with the advice of friends in this way,” BBL Esports’ Semih “LEGOO” Selvi claimed. According to his testimony, a friend got him in the scheme but he himself was never aware that those proceeds were illegal.

While it’s unknown whether LEGOO is sincere or just trying to save his skin, it definitely isn’t farfetched that there might be a nefarious group that is trying to take advantage of streamers and it definitely won’t be the first time malicious groups have scammed others on the Internet.

Orçun “farewell” Köroglu, on the other hand, reported that he eventually learned of the true source of the money and left the operation of his own volition. He claims to have not participated in any such schemes for the last few months.

It is yet to be seen if farewell and LEGOO will be excused but for now they are in Riot’s planned ban list. The list currently includes the following players and streamers:

  • Dila^ra Toprakci
  • Ekrem ‘logicman’ Aydin
  • Ertugrul ”TheCady” Koç
  • Gökay ‘tecoNe’ Nogayer
  • Ibrahiim ‘cinar’ Cinar
  • lurzy0y0
  • Kaan ‘brasco’ Elver
  • Orçun ‘farewell’ Köroglu
  • Semih ‘LEGOO’ Selvi
  • Tolga ‘bacyx’ Bacak
  • Ugur ‘Kuzuur’ Kiremitçi
  • Yigithan ‘DeepMans’ Kesici
  • Yusuf ‘Zz_yankas’ Yankas
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