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Published: September 13, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • OpTic beats XSET 2-1 in their latest clash in Istanbul yesterday
  • The match had a lot of twists and turns in every map played
  • XSET will now have to face FunPlus Phoenix in order to remain in the event

The latest chapter in OpTic and XSET’s rivalry was written yesterday in Istanbul when the former defeated the latter in the upper bracket.

OpTic Emerged Victorious From the Struggle

The eyes of VALORANT fans worldwide are all directed to the Volkswagen arena in Istanbul as it’s the scene of the currently ongoing VALORANT Champions 2022. There are still a few more days until the end of the event, but fans have already seen some amazing plays and matchups.

One of these is an old North African rivalry that was rekindled yesterday in the upper bracket of the event. It saw OpTic and XSET clashing heads, only for the former to emerge victorious with a 2-1 score. The two teams came from first and second seeds from NA. Having survived the Group stage at Champions, the two old rivals now duked it out for a top-three finish at VALORANT’s biggest event of the year.

How did the Match Go?

Despite OpTic emerging victorious from the encounter, XSET was not planning on letting them go easy. The team started strong on Haven by winning key gunfights and shutting down the double-sentinel setup from OpTic. However, XSET struggled to keep up this pace when the sides switched. The team managed to win only one round in the second half, ending the map with a 13-9 score in favor of OpTic. With a 1.64 K/D and 260 combat score on Chamber, yay was definitely OpTic’s MVP for Haven.

The second map was Ascent, which started in a similar way to the first one, with XSET taking the early lead. Cryo and AYRIN managed to hold key sites and earned their team nine consecutive rounds. With the score being 9-3 in favor of XSET, OpTic gained a sudden surge of energy and managed to bring the map to a 9-9 tie. Facing a reverse sweep, XSET requested a timeout to reorganize. Whatever the team discussed between themselves, it did the trick, as XSET came back invigorated and following a few quick rounds, won the map with a narrow 13-11.

With two close games and the match’s fate standing in the balance, the two teams entered the final map – Pearl. It played almost in reverse compared to the previous maps, with OpTic taking the early lead but losing that momentum in the midgame. However, a lengthy technical break came to OpTic’s rescue, as the team was able to recuperate and managed to win five consecutive rounds, eventually taking Pearl 13-8.

XSET will now have to go into a rematch against FunPlus Phoenix in the lower bracket, in order to stay alive at Champions.

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