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Published: March 4, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Experienced player Kyle “Ocean” O’Brien has just retired from the CS:GO scene
  • The professional will be joining the fairly new Pittsburgh Knights team’s VALORANT roster
  • Ocean is going to transfer his knowledge from being a leader by coaching his new team

The tendency of CS:GO pro players migrating to VALORANT goes on as Ocean enters Riot’s competitive shooter as a coach of the Pittsburgh Knights. 

Ocean Leaves His Role as CS:GO Active Player, Stars Coaching in VALORANT

VALORANT has been quickly establishing itself as a leading game by providing first-person shooter enthusiasts with a new competitive scene. Many of the old CS:GO players like Ethan Arnold have seen Riot’s game as an opportunity for a fresher start. This now seems to also be the case for Kyle O’Brien, popular by his alias “Ocean.” 

The news was announced in a tweet by Pittsburgh Knights, Ocean’s new team. 

As it turns out, O’Brien is planning to step down from his role as an active player and use his nine-years worth of professional FPS experience to coach the squad.  

From the beginning of his esports career, Ocean is known to have played with and against numerous elites. He never played for a leading team, but that didn’t stop him and the other teams he had played with from winning over $10,000 from tournaments. 

Ocean’s most notable triumph was second place at the WorldGaming Canadian Championship Series 2017. He scored it together with the Sapphire Kelowna Dot Com team and took home a decent prize. He has two other 2nd places from C-tiers and the 10th place from an A-tier tournament.

The Pittsburgh Knights have been playing through numerous games since the team was created back in 2017. However, their VALORANT roster has been around for just a few months and has had a bumpy ride, failing to score any significant victories. 

Many expect that the mentoring of an old veteran such as Ocean, the team will improve their performance.  

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