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Published: July 19, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Ukrainian esports organization Natus Vincere will be joining VALORANT with a new team
  • It will be comprised of Kirill “Cloud” Nekhozhin and four players from the former NoPressure team
  • Na’Vi’s new team will be entering the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 in CIS 

Natus Vincere has signed four NoPressure members to the organization’s new VALORANT roster. The new team will test its mettle in the VCT Stage 3. 

Na’Vi’s New VALORANT Lineup

Natus Vincere will be entering VALORANT territory with a brand new roster. The Ukrainian esports organization has signed four players from the NoPressure team who will be joining Kirill “Cloud” Nekhozhin, with whom they’ve played during the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3: Challengers One in the Commonwealth of Independent States region. 

Cloud was the first member of Natus Vincere’s VALORANT team, but as the lineup was still in development, he temporarily played with NoPressure. However, the synergy between the players moved Na’Vi, leading them to sign the four players into its own roster. Cloud boasts experience in another first-person shooter called Warface, which will hopefully translate to VALORANT and add to the players’ potential.  

The team’s full lineup is as follows:

  • Artur “7ssk7” Kiurshyn 
  • Denis “dinkzj” Tkachev 
  • Kirill “Cloud” Nekhozhin 
  • Mikhail “Duno” Fokin 
  • Vladyslav “arch” Svistov 

Aiming High With a Roster of Skilled Players

Na’Vi’s new players are all skilled gamers who will contribute to the roster’s performance. For example, arch, who will be taking the role of an in-game captain, is a former player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He has been a part of several notable organizations, including Team Spirit. 

7ssk7, on the other hand, has some polished shooter skills that have led him to win $160,000 from Fortnite victories. 

Dinkzj is famous as the first player to reach the VALORANT rank during the beta tests of the game. 

Duno has also played Warface, much like Cloud, and has been the champion of the Warface Open Cup two times. 

Other than the skilled players, Na’Vi’s team will be supported by a coach, an analyst, and a manager. The former role will be taken by Dmitry “SmartSeven” Smartselau and the other two by Nick “Dracon” Andreev and Vlad “TheVs” Moroz, respectively.  

Na’Vi showcased its new players’ capabilities in a promotional YouTube video. 

The roster is now set to play during the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 1 Playoffs in CIS. The event is slated for August. 

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