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Published: September 1, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The team dominated TL with a 2-0 victory
  • Leviatán took the initiative right from the first half of the first map
  • TL played better on the second map, but it was still in vain

Leviatán showed a different playstyle rather than their usual chaotic one when they played against and defeated Team Liquid on day 1 of VCT Champions.

Leciatán Sweeps Team Liquid

The 2022 VCT opened up with some great matches, attracting a record-breaking crowd during the first match between Paper Rex and debuting Chinese team EDward Gaming. Not to be outshined, Latin America’s Leviatán went up against Team Liquid from the EMEA region and demonstrated a spectacular playstyle.

With a 2-0 victory, Leviatán enacts revenge on Team Liquid, against whom they have struggled in the past. This once again shakes TL’s foundations, who have had a difficult season, almost ending up without a spot at Champions. Meanwhile, the match results show how much Leviatán has grown in the past months.

How Did the First Map Go?

Fans and analysts alike were surprised when Liquid chose Haven as the first map. Most commentators expected Leviatán’s map pick of Ascent to come through in this game since it is a strong map for both teams. Despite that, TL soon regretted their choice, as Leviatán quickly gained the upper hand with Melser getting a few multi-kill rounds and the team dominating the first half.

The second part of the map was not much different, with KiNgg and Melser continuing to take control. After several time-outs, Team Liquid finally got their act together, and ScreaM and Nivera prevented a completely one-sided match. ScreaM recently gave his opinion on NA teams’ chances in the VCT, stating they are not as good as other regions’ teams. This match, however, shows that EMEA teams are perhaps the same. In the end, Team Liquid’s attempts were futile, as the map concluded 13-10 in favor of Leciatán.

The Teams Continue to the Second Map

The second map was Ascend, a strong pick for both teams. Leviatán usually plays off of Tacolilla’s Chamber on this map, where the star player holds long angles and plays patiently. Meanwhile, Team Liquid relies on ScdreaM’s Phoenix to dominate other teams in their region.

The Chamber players made the most difference for both teams, with both being more or less equal during the first half of the map. By the midgame, however, Leviatán reverted to their chaotic playstyle, buying Stingers on their save rounds. The half ended 6-6.

Leviatán shined during the second map, gaining momentum, although Team Liquid was not far behind. Despite that, the LATAM team kept their advantage showcasing overall restraint of their otherwise chaotic playstyle and won the second map with a 13-10.

Because of this loss, Team Liquid will have to face the formidable Chinese team EDward Gaming in an elimination match after a few days. Meanwhile, Leviatán’s next opponents are Paper Rex, whom they will face on September 1.

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