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Published: November 12, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • iiTzTimmy was banned from Valorant right in the middle of a Diamond game
  • The content creator attempted to climb from the game’s lowest rank of Iron to the highest of Radiant in one single stream
  • He later explains the reason why he got banned

Popular twitch streamer Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An tried to climb from Iron to Radiant in one Valorant stream, but his adventure was thwarted after a ban from Riot in the middle of his game.

iiTzTimmy Banned on Stream Midgame

iiTzTimmy is already well-known for his ranked griding in Valorant. He is currently among the top 20 most-watched English channels on the streaming platform and has over 1.3 million followers.

During a previous 54-hor-long stream, the Twitch star managed to go from Bronze to Predator in Apex Legends. He recently tried doing the same thing in Valorant, by going from the game’s lowest rank of Iron, to the very top at Radiant, an achievement worthy of the very champions of Valorant.

Unfortunately, his epic quest was thwarted midgame by Riot themselves. During a game as Reyna on Icebox, the streamer was about to clutch 1v2, when he was suddenly hit by the notice “You have been banned from Valorant”.

The moment he got banned happened during a Diamond game. What followed was understandable confusion on part of iiTzTimmy.

Why Was iiTzTimmy Banned?

Riot has been recently trying to diminish smurfs’ presence in its games, and that includes Valorant. Technically, iiTzTimmy could be considered a smurf, since he is a very skilled player, playing (at least in his lower ranks) with very low-level players.

However, according to Timmy, he had been in contact with Riot before the stream, who said the streamer is going to be banned for smurfing. This, however, should have happened after the broadcast finished (see his explanation here).

“I’ve been messaging a dev, and they said that my account was going to get banned because of ‘the whole streaming thing’,” Timmy said. “I’m talking to my agency because they said that I shouldn’t get banned until my marathon is over. It’s kinda weird that I got banned.”

Fortunately for Timmy, the ban did not last long. Less than an hour later the ban was lifted, allowing the streamer to continue his grind towards the top.

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