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Published: October 19, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot introduces its newest agent to the game
  • He is a controller that combines ideas from Viper, Breach, and Phoenix
  • The studio also fixes some small issues regarding Pearl and other gameplay 

VALORANT’s latest patch introduces several map changes as well as Harbor, a brand-new marine-themed controller agent. 

Riot Introduces Harbor

One of the key reasons why VALORANT is such a popular game is the regular updates and patches Riot Games introduces. The game’s latest Episode 5 Act 3 arrived with Patch 5.08 and its main attraction – the new water-based agent with a fitting name Harbor. 

He comes from India’s coast and is quite literally a water bender. With a playstyle similar to Viper, Breach, and Phoenix combined, the new agent has many marine-themed abilities that grant him flexibility in flanking as well as the map control, expected of his class. 

His first ability, Cascade, represents a wave of water that can be ideal during the rounds where your team would like to rush into a site. This can be combined very well with his second ability, Cove, which comes with a shield that offers limited protection to friendly players caught in the ability. This skill can be very useful during the rounds when your team would like to rush into a site.

His signature ability, called High Tide, can travel through walls and can bend like that of Phoenix’s, which makes Harbor an ideal Agent for attack and retake rounds. Finally, his ultimate ability, Reckoning, summons a geyser pool on the ground. Enemy players in the area are then targeted by successive geyser strikes and become concussed. 

The Indian agent’s flexible abilities will favor teams that prefer a more aggressive style of play.

What Else Does the Patch Include?

Along with the new agent, Riot also released several bug fixes in the latest patch. These include an issue where friendly versions of area-damage abilities could overwrite enemy versions of those abilities to deal less damage. Patch 5.08 also addressed a bug where Viper’s Toxic Screen could have small gaps around ground level in specific map locations. The Pearl map also saw a small change introduced with the patch. A small line of sight from A Main to A Link has been fixed, balancing out the time taken to peek at the area from both sides. Riot Games also fixed a bunch of other gameplay issues, a full list of which can be seen on VALORANT’s official page.

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