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Published: September 21, 2021

Written by: David

  • Guild Esports announces a new all-female roster for Valorant
  • The team consists of athletes from across the globe
  • The new team is excited to work with Guild Esports

Guild Esports revealed their new all-female roster that will compete in Valorant. The team was once known as Projects X and it will now play under the Guild X banner.

Guild Esports Takes in All-Female Roster

New all-female esports teams are continuously popping up and Guild Esports has become the latest organization to form a Valorant roster. The new team’s name will be Guild X and consist of players who previously competed under the banner of Project X. The organization has selected women from all around the world, despite the organization being based in Europe. They are:

  • Vivian Mae “Roxi” Schilling (Germany)
  • Yagmur “Smurfette” Gündüz (Turkey)
  • Anastasiya “Glance” Rival’evna (Russia)
  • Benfakir “Kim” Sophia (France)
  • Team Captain Klaudia “Cinnamon” Beczkiewicz (USA)

The new team’s first appearance will be at the all-female VCT Game Changers EMEA tournament which will run from September 27 to October 3.  The event with a prize pool of $23,000 will be open-qualifiers and will feature 64 teams. This year’s last event of the series will be held from November 15 to November 21 and there will be a total prize pool of $58,000.

What the Team Had to Say

The new team’s formation comes in a series of other all-female teams that Riot has been recently supporting. They have already hosted teams such as Complexity, TSM and Cloud9, the latter dominating Valorant charts. Riot has been trying to promote the participations of women into the professional gaming scene, not only as players, but also as pro female casters.

Cinnamon said at the announcement that when the team started looking for an organization to take them in, they were looking for someone that would take their development seriously. She added that when they approached Guild Esports, the organization reassured them that they will do everything to help Project X build their legacy. Cinnamon finished with saying that she is excited not only about the new deal, but also about what Guild Esports is going to do about the future of competitive Valorant.

With the addition of Guild X into their esports teams, the organization’s total number of pros across all titles comes up to 18. As well as Valorant, Guild Esports also hosts teams in Rocket League, Fortnite and FIFA. Their teams have won major trophies in events such as the Fortnite Championship Series and the Rocket League Championship Series.

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