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Published: September 7, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • VCT Challengers is currently in full swing
  • The event is attracting huge crowds
  • VALORANT might surpass LoL in popularity

Fans and esports pros alike think VALORANT might surpass League of Legends in popularity in the near future.

Khalil Thinks VALORANT Will Be More Popular than League

The VCT Champions is in full swing with the best teams from all around the globe duking it out and debuting Chinese teams shattering viewership records. This shows just how much VALORANT has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, much to the benefit of game developer Riot Games. 

The company’s flagship game League of Legends has been the most popular game worldwide many times before and seeing the rapid rise of VALORANT, many fans are arguing the FPS might overtake LoL in popularity. Some even say the FPS might become Riot’s new flagship. 

This idea is shared by many esports professionals, like FURIA’s Khalil “Khalil” Schmidt thinks VALORANT will exceed the fame and success League has been seeing. In a recent interview for Sportskeeda, the VALORANT pro said “Looking at the investment in all these international tournaments that Riot conducts for VALORANT, I personally believe that VALORANT can become even bigger than League of Legends.”

The numbers seem to support this. VALORANT tournaments hosted by Riot, including VALORANT Champions and VCT Masters, VALORANT is already on a steady path to surpassing League of Legends in terms of raw viewership numbers. Perhaps this trend is being seen by Riot, as the company has been spending more and more effort and finances to further popularize the game. 

The game still receives regular updates and bug fixes, showing how much effort Riot is investing in the game. However, despite its fast growth, VALORANT still has a long path ahead of it to reach League’s success. After all, the latter game has more than a decade of extra time to reach the point at which it is now. 

Regardless if VALORANT ever surpasses LoL in popularity, Riot would definitely be the one to benefit the most.

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