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Published: May 31, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • EUnited has dropped its entire Valorant roster along with the organization’s coach and assistant coach
  • The squad will stick together nevertheless and continue to look for a new organization to represent in the next stage of the Valorant Challengers
  • FPL-C consist of five active players along with Kyle “ToKacey” Stevens as assistant coach and Bryon “Frantic” Cobb as head coach

After eUnited decided to leave the competitive Valorant scene last week, the team that represented the organization, FPL-C, stuck together and is now looking for a new home.

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EUnited has bidden the competitive Valorant scene a goodbye based on a report first shared by ToKacey who served as the organization’s analyst and manager.

In a Tweet last week, Kyle “ToKacey” Stevens said that eUnited had left the scene and expressed his appreciation for the organization and what it had done for him and fellow esports professionals. While the entire roster was dropped, the now-dismissed players want to stick together and find a new organization that will be willing to hire them as are.

Team FPL-C, formerly eUnited, is a Top 25 squad that is now looking for a new home to represent ahead of the next stage of the Valorant Challengers, as well as Nerd St Gamers and Knights events, the official application of the team states.

In a detailed posting, FPL-C’s five-man team is looking to get back into competitive Valorant right away. The team’s active combat roster consists of:

  • Jason “Jmoh” Mohandessi
  • Lucas “Fiziq” Blow
  • Chad “Oderus” Miller
  • Jonathan “Silenx” Huntington
  • Tanner “Scourge” Klages

The organization will take its trusted staff members along, including ToKacey who wants to continue and work as an assistant coach. The team will also rely on Bryon “Frantic” Cobb as the head coach. It’s rare to see an organization stick together and continue to work towards its advancement in the competitive gaming scene after it has been dropped from a salaried position.

FPL-C are dedicated enough to brave the challenges and continue to explore their options as a battle-hardened Valorant squad. While the team is looking for a new home, they will continue rigorous training and try to climb through the Valorant ranking system.

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