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Published: January 31, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It launches today and it will last throughout the entirety of February
  • Discounts for the offered skins will range from 10% to 49%
  • However, the randomness and lack of brand-new skins are things to be noted before buying

If you’ve had your eyes on a particular skin or other cosmetic item in VALORANT, chances are you may be able to buy it cheaply in the new Night Market.

Night Market Opens

One of the best ways for VALORANT fans to acquire rare skins and other in-game cosmetics is through the use of the Night Market. The feature offers items at large discount prices, although by how much the costs are lowered depends on how rare the offered item is.

Inspired by the “Your Shop” in League of Legends, the limited-time one-stop shop is periodically opened by Riot Games and the last such event lasted from December 13 2023 to January 8 2024. Now, after a few weeks have passed, it’s time for the first Night Market of this year. It launches today, January 31, and will last throughout the whole month of February, meaning various skins will be available for purchase at discounted prices for 28 days. For comparison, the last Market lasted for 26 days.

What Else You Must Know Before You Buy

Despite the Night Market seeming like offering quite a bargain, one should not the few disadvantages it has, before spending money. For starters, the event does not include recent skin releases so players cannot expect to see any skin collections that were released in the past two months. If you fancy a particular skin from an older collection, however, chances are it will be on offer at the Night Market.

That being said, we arrive at another drawback of the event – its randomness. Whenever a new Night Market is opened, players will receive offers for six random weapon skins that will be randomly discounted ranging from 10% to 49%. These offers are unique for each player who only receives one set of offers. This means that there’s a decent chance you may not get good skins or cosmetics that you want to potentially play with.

VALORANT’s shop contrasts significantly with that of League of Legends in this regard. The skins in Your Shop in VALORANT are presented to each player depending on their account activity, but there is no such system in place in the shooter.

Despite all the drawbacks, the Night Market still offers players a decent way of acquiring numerous skins at decent prices.

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