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Published: April 28, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • VALORANT’s newest update brought more content and player titles
  • One of these, however, has a mistake that makes the game “unplayable”
  • The “w” in the UWU title, should be a lowercase instead of an uppercase

A small mistake in the latest VALORANT player title prompted the community to joke that the game is now “unplayable” and needs an “immediate fix”. 

Fans Joke about Riot’s Mistake

Episode Six, Act Three has come to VALORANT, bringing a ton of new content to the game. The game is famous for its large collection of cosmetics, a large portion of which are monetized, to help fund the otherwise free-to-play hero shooter. Like with other updates, Riot introduced a lot of new bundles of paid cosmetic items such as skins, player cards, and knives.

One type of cosmetic, that’s highly liked by the community, is the player title. These are small titles players can put next to their name, with many of them being references to in-game content or shoutouts to community members. Players can earn these by playing through the battle pass, but the most recent UWU title has many VALORANT fans disappointed.

Players can access the new title, that’s a reference to a popular modern emoji, depicting a cutesy-looking face, through a free reward on Act Three’s battle pass. However, fans have already found a problem with the title and want Riot to immediately fix it.

What’s the problem, you ask? Well, the “W” in the title should be a lowercase one, so that the title reads UwU, not UWU. “As we all know, this is completely incorrect, the title should have been UwU instead, as it is supposed to be an emoticon,” a Reddit post discussing the situation reads. “Rito, pls change, the game’s unplayable,” the original poster Matikkkii jokingly concludes their message.

Although this seems like a silly thing to complain about, the post gained quite a lot of traction, gaining over 3K likes in the period it has been up. Fans acknowledged that this is a minor mistake about a meme-y title, but that did not stop them from joking about it. “Rito is a small indie company, this is beyond their budget and available staff,” one comment reads. “Someone tag a dev’ here, this needs to be fixed ASAP,” another Reddit user joked.

Interestingly, the post did manage to gain the attention of Riot. The company’s lead for product management, RiotSWAGGERNAU7, apologized for the mistake, promising they’ll “do better next time.” It’s not known if the “problem” will be fixed soon, or if this is just the Riot employee’s way of participating in the banter, but it’s likely the company would address the issue in the next patch.

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