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Published: April 29, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • VALORANT has released a new Spotify playlist for their newest agent Fade
  • The playlist is almost one and a half hours long and reflects Fade’s character
  • This is part of Riot’s continual work with artists to promote VALORANT agents

To celebrate the release of their new VALORANT agent Fade, Riot Games created a Spotify playlist comprised of songs reflecting her character and story.

Fade’s New Playlist

VALORANT fans should rejoice as a ton of new content is coming to the game with the launch of its Episode 4 Act 3 on April 27. From bug fixes and rebalances to a lot of cosmetics and skins, to a new agent called Fade, the season’s start promises to bring much new stuff.

Speaking of Fade, Riot Games is making a step further to promote the new agent by making a new Spotify list, which contains songs reflective of the character’s personality and lore. This practice is not something new, as Riot has done the same for other agents ever since the company launched VALORANT back in 2020. With each playlist being about an hour long and containing a different number of tracks, it also sheds light on the artists that hail from where the Agents too are from.

VALORANT Is Expanding Its Work with Artists

Riot Games has stepped up its efforts in collaborating with more creators to promote the game and its tournaments. Most recently, the company started working with artists to make songs specifically for some VALORANT agents. The first example of this was with Neon, who was released in January and came paired with the song “Entertain Me” by Ylona Garcia.

The song was used in Neon’s trailer and added to the top of the agent’s Spotify list. The new agent Fade also has her own song played in her trailer. It’s part of a playlist almost an hour and a half long along with other 19 songs which fans can listen to here

Fade’s main theme “Karanligin” was produced by VALORANT, Helin and AR84. Fans can also listen to a variety of darker music from various artists, some of Turkish origin like Fade, to get into her headspace while playing her.

Since Fade’s trailer dropped, she has gained a large fan following, before even being added to the game, a thing that is reflected in her Spotify playlist follower count. However, she still has a lot more to go, because, with over 33 000 followers, Jett has the most popular VALORANT agent playlist on Spotify.

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