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Published: June 25, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • DarkZero Esports will be joining the VALORANT scene
  • The organization has acquired the Kooky Koalas roster
  • The team is excited to partner with DarkZero and is motivated to give its best

DarkZero Esports will be joining VALORANT with the newly signed Kooky Koalas roster.

Kooky Koalas Become DarkZero VALORANT

United States-based organization DarkZero Esports is stepping into VALORANT territory. The team has signed in the Kooky Koalas roster, which can’t wait to prove its mettle. 

The Kooky Koalas will now operate under the name DarkZero VALORANT. The original lineup was the only independent team that reached the closed qualifiers of the VALORANT Champions Tour this year. 

DarkZero VALORANT is comprised of the following members:

  • Nick ‘Harmon’ Harmon
  • Andy ‘Andersin’ Collins
  • Kyle ‘ScrewFace’ Jensen
  • Adam ‘Ange’ Milian
  • Yannick ‘KOLER’ Blanchette

The team will also have Zack ‘huuaw’ Solomon as a coach.

DarkZero’s CEO and founder, Zachary Matula, is optimistic about the VALORANT expansion:

“We’ve spent the last few years building the model for our organization, and this is a very exciting opportunity for DarkZero to expand into a new scene. Riot has supported League of Legends esports, and with the health of that ecosystem, we trust they will mirror that in Valorant.”

Matula places his full trust in the former Kooky Koalas and is excited to see how they will perform when backed by the DarkZero organization.

Ready to Prove Their Worth

The former Kooky Koalas are excited to become members of the renowned esports organization. They are hellbent on making DarkZero’s banner a staple in North American VALORANT. 

DarkZero VALORANT’s captain elect Andersin spoke on the roster’s exhilaration in becoming a part of such an organization:

“To be picked up as a full team is an amazing feeling. I know that this opportunity isn’t one that many teams get to receive. To not only accomplish this, but have the complete support of an organization at the caliber of DarkZero, it’s completely overwhelming.”

Andersin spoke that DarkZero Esports has been incredibly supportive to the former Koalas from the very moment they joined. 

“With DarkZero behind us, we truly have an advantage, and we can’t wait to show the fans what we can do.”

Kooky Koalas probably have a bright future ahead together with Dark Zero Esports. The organization has a strong foundation that will help the already skilled players grow even more. Moreover, DarkZero’s partnership with Aim Lab may also benefit the newly acquired roster as Aim Lab recently expanded into VALORANT

VALORANT fans can look forward to seeing DarkZero VALORANT on the field. The team’s first match will be next week during the VCT. 

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