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Published: September 28, 2021

Written by: David

  • Boostio has become a permanent part of Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT roster
  • The team’s head coach revealed she sees a lot of potential in him along with the qualities EG needed
  • Boostio has previously played with Evil Geniuses and is thrilled to be welcomed to the team

Professional Jett player Boostio has officially joined Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT team as a duelist.

Joining The Evil Geniuses Family

Professional esports athlete Kelden “Boostio” Pupello has been officially welcomed to the VALORANT lineup of the Evil Geniuses esports organization. This was announced on Evil Geniuses’ official Twitter page.

Boostio is a familiar face among the Evil Geniuses VALORANT team members. He has played with the squad previously during the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship a month ago. During that event, Evil Geniuses reached the semifinals where they faced Cloud9 Blue. The Geniuses ended up losing the match but were still content with Boostio’s performance, leading to his official admission to the team.

In the official video announcing that Boostio will be joining the VALORANT roster, the team’s head coach Christine “potter” Chi explained the decision. She elaborated that Boostio’s confidence and energy were two traits that Evil Geniuses were looking for. This, together with Boostio’s natural skill and talent for the game, made him the perfect candidate.

In the video, Boostio shared that he really hopes to have a rematch against Cloud9 Blue. Boostio has a deep respect for the rival team and believes they are great players but is also sure that with enough practice Evil Geniuses can totally defeat them.

A Young Esports Veteran

Boostio is a young talent who has quickly gained a lot of field experience in the competitive video gaming scene. Before becoming a VALORANT player last year, Boostio was an Overwatch player. Since switching to VALORANT, Boostio has become one of the most promising and quick-witted Jett duelists.

Boostio used to be a part of the Second Wind roster but later moved to Spacestation Gaming. He played with the latter team during both the first and the second stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour. Sadly, Spacestation Gaming never made it big as the roster didn’t qualify for a Challengers event once.

In April Boostio left Spacestation Gaming and had numerous short-lived stints with various teams, big and small. Boostio finally joined Evil Geniuses as a temporary player when he received recognition of his potential. Now the young athlete will continue his esports journey among the ranks of the famous organization.

Boostio’s current teammates include Nolan “Temperature” Pepper, Mike “Pho” Panza, Brandon “BRANTED” Ballard, and Daniel “roca’” Gustaferri.

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