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Published: April 15, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A new VALORANT team from Singapore is making an impact on the stage
  • The team placed third at the VCT 2022: APAC Stage 1 Challengers
  • The founder of the organization says the early days were rough

Riding the wave of rising esports popularity, Singaporean-based Bleed eSports is rising as Asia’s new gaming star.

Blood eSports is Singapore’s New Rising Star

For years esports was a somewhat niche part of gaming as a whole. Aside from very large competitions in popular games like League of Legends, the field was not that popular outside gaming circles. However, the last two pandemic years seem to have had a positive influence on esports’ reach as a whole, as its popularity continues to grow particularly in east Asia.

Riding on that wave, many new esports teams have popped up. One rising star is the Singapore-based Bleed eSports, which has seen massive success over a relatively short period. The team has already become an internationally recognized organization just a few months after its launch.

Bleed eSports’ rise to prominence began last year when it won first place in the SEA eSports Championships 2021: Singaporean qualifier. The team’s most recent victory was at the VCT 2022: APAC Stage 1 Challengers where it won third place.

Blood eSports’Early Days Were not Easy

The founder and CEO of Bleed eSports Mervyn Goh has said the goal of the team is to redefine the sporting industry and change how audiences view online gaming. This has been aided in a way by the fact that during the last couple of years many people were forced to spend a lot of time at home. When not being able to do much outside, one finds it easy to just tune in to a stream and watch some kind of esports competition.

Although this trend facilitated the team’s rise in popularity, Goh said the early days were not easy, as Bleed eSports found it difficult to attract players. “As a relatively new organization, some players were a bit reluctant,” explained Goh. “They realized this was a huge risk, given that they had to relocate to Singapore, where our main offices are located.”

Despite the initial difficulties, Goh and staff pressed on, making a unique gaming house, equipping it with all the latest amenities. The equipment and gear provided to players can have a great impact not only on their performance but also on their enthusiasm for the team. This large investment showed the organization wants to take care of its team. Word soon spread and players came to Bleed eSports.

Right now, Bleed eSports is one of the first Asian VALORANT teams to import players from Europe, like former G2 esports player Jacob “Pyth” Mourujervi and former CS:GO Pro-Max “Maxi” Lonstrom. The team aims to continue building a stronger team and make an impact on the world of esports.

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