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Published: February 24, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Angelo “keznit” Mori has been accused of acting disrespectfully during a game between KRÜ Esports and Gamelanders Purple
  • He has since apologized for his behavior, realizing the fault in his ways
  • Despite his apology, Riot Games will look into the situation and will decide whether the player will be sanctioned

Keznit, a top player of the Argentine organization KRÜ Esports, faces consequences for racist remarks he made during a practice game.

Kzenit’s Behavior Got His Team in Trouble

Angelo “keznit” Mori, a VALORANT player of Chilean origin, risks losing his career amid investigation for racist remarks he allegedly made. The athlete, who currently plays for the Argentine organization KRÜ Esports, reportedly spewed racist comments on a Brazilian Discord practice server. Riot Games is currently investigating the situation.

According to a TwitLonger post by Beatriz Hornes, a coach of the Gamelanders Purple team, keznit made unacceptable discriminatory and racist remarks during a game between her team and KRÜ Esports. As a result, the entirety of KRÜ Esports got banned from the server.

On a later date, the server moderators decided to lift the ban, following a conversation with the team. KRÜ Esports revealed on their official Twitter that the two parties reached a mutual agreement.

Riot Games Will Evaluate the Situation

Despite KRÜ Esports getting back into the server, the situation isn’t quite over yet, at least not for keznit. According to a statement by Lau Agnolin, an Argentine journalist, keznit came to apologize for the situation he caused. He was sincerely sorry and had fears that his thoughtless actions might cost him his career in esports.

However, the player’s unacceptable behavior has gotten him into quite the trouble as it attracted Riot Games’ attention. It was reported that the company will carefully evaluate the happening and decide whether keznit deserves further punishment. Riot Games Brazil contacted Agnolin and Upcomer, reassuring them it will carefully decide whether sanctions need to be imposed.

Keznit is one of KRÜ Esports’ top players. Thanks to his impressive skill, the team had reached the semi-finals of the VALORANT World Championship. This means that any sanctions imposed on him, will affect his entire team and subsequently the image of the whole South American esports scene.

Esports is a competitive sport that can be very stressful at times. Keznit is neither the first nor the last case of a person making inappropriate remarks in the heat of the moment. Yet, when playing on such a high-level, esports athletes are expected to remain cool-headed and refrain from acting childishly.

Let’s hope that keznit has learned his lesson and will get away with only a light reprimand.

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