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Published: May 13, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • 100T defeated G2 in the finals, which is the second time they beat them in these playoffs
  • They claim the title without dropping a single series through the playoff bracket

100 Thieves won VCT Americas Stage 1 to secure a first-round seed at Masters Shanghai after a one-sided affair against G2.

100 Thieves Win VCT Americas Stage 1

VCT Americas Stage 1 event concluded with 100 Thieves lifting an NA trophy for the first time since 2020 and plowing through the playoffs bracket without dropping a single series.

“I could have felt like a fraud if I came here and played bad,” said Kelden “Boostio” Pupello in the post-match interview. “Coming to all new players, and all of them are so incredible. Winning it is insane to me cause all my teammates lost. It just feels good, to be honest.”

100 Thieves’s victory over G2 is the second time the organization has beaten them in the playoffs. Previously, 100 Thieves brought G2 to the lower bracket right before the grand final. There, the squad had to defeat Leviatán to stay alive in the tournament. However, while the first matchup may have been close, the Thieves swung hard in the final to sweep the Ascension team 3-0.

What This Victory Means

100T’s recent victory is a fitting conclusion for the team’s run through the VCT Americas Stage 1. The organization had a shaky start going 3-3 before they eventually qualified alongside Leviatán and LOUD from the Omega group. However, it was then that 100T’s skills and luck kicked in as the team quickly defeated the two other squads to qualify for Masters Shanghai.

In addition to lifting a trophy and getting an added advantage at Masters Shanghai, 100 Thieves will also receive three additional circuit points. These will count towards 100 Thieves’ qualification for VALORANT Champions at the end of this year.

Additionally, following Riot Games’ new international format, all first seeds from their respective regions will be granted instant access to playoffs for a guaranteed top-eight finish. The organization will even be able to choose whom they will go up against from those who fought through the Swiss stage.

Lifting the trophy above their heads marks the first time 100T do so in NA since First Strike in 2020, shortly after they signed their original roster. Perhaps this signifies a return to the squad’s domination of the NA scene, but time will tell if that’s the case.

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