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Published: December 8, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • 100 Thieves’ Nitr0 leaves organization’s Valorant team
  • Rumors intensify about his potential return to CS:GO
  • 100 Thieves retains only Hiko, Ethan and Asuna of its original team

A legend in the CS:GO community, hopes are Nitr0 will be returning to Counter-Strike after announcing his departure from 100 Thieves Valorant roster.

Hopes Are Nitr0 Will Come Back to CS:GO

100 Thieves bids Counter-Strike legend Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella farewell as reports have resurfaced that the player may be returning to CS:GO after running with the Thieves’ Valorant roster for 15 months. 100 Thieves confirmed on Tuesday that the player is no longer part of the Valorant squad and thanked him for “a winning culture,” he arguably helped establish.

Nitr0 has taken the opportunity to confirm that he is planning on making a big announcement, with more on his future to follow soon.

The rumors that Nitr0 may be coming back to his home bastion of Counter-Strike have intensified. Fans are hoping that Team Liquid is looking to have him back. Liquid was Nitr0’s home team from 2015 prior to his decision to try the next big thing that was Valorant at the time in 2020 when he left for 100K.

As the initial buzz for the game has quieted down, it seems more CS:GO pros are pining for their old home. Valorant did cause a small exodus of CS:GO talent which brought up speculations of whether Counter-Strike can prove resilient in the face of what was argued was a “superior” game.

Nitr0’s standing in the core of 100 Thieves’ success in Valorant. The team gained an early entry into the competitive scene with First Strike at the end of 2020. The company also delivered on a series of regional and international milestones during Nitr0’s time with the team.

The original roster has shed a few other players over the past months, with Hiko, Ethan, and Asuna the only legacy players in the organization.

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