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Published: August 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • 100T exacts revenge on FaZe in a battle for a place at the LCQ
  • The team absolutely devastates their opponents with a 3-0 match
  • 100T is now going to the grand finals of the North America LCQ

100 Thieves gets revenge for their defeat to FaZe earlier in the 2022 North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier by steamrolling their opponents.

100 Thieves Defeats FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan dominated 100 Thieves at the 2022 North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier earlier this spring, but the latter employed the time since then to gather strength to get some payback on Saturday. The match saw 100 Thieves demolish their opponents with a final decisive score of 3-0.

With this sweeping victory, 100T guarantees its spot in the LCQ grand finals and is now one step closer to qualifying for the VCT. The team should soon be facing The Guard, who have dominated their side of the bracket.

How the Match Played Out

100T’s domination was not at all clear from the start as FaZe claimed the early advantage from the pistol round as POISED did a good one-vs-two clutch retake in the first full buy round. However, 100T quickly got back into the game by capitalizing on FaZe’s team-wide shifts between sites.

With the score sitting at 9-9, 100T regrouped as FaZe was continuing to pressure them to the very last round. But bang and Asuna came in to save the situation by catching FaZe players off-guard with pinpoint accuracy. This led to 100T winning the first map 13-10.

Now it was FaZe’s turn to choose a map and they decided on Breeze. By playing a Jett and Cypher combo, 100T once again took the lead in the pistol round. However, Asuna once again came into the picture, performing a clutch Classic right-click that grew the lead in 100T’s favor while throwing off the focus of FaZe.

FaZe’s team cohesion once again failed, allowing 100T players to pick them off one by one. This was stopped by Flyuh, giving FaZe a breather, but despite his efforts, the team did not get things going in the second half. The final blow on Breeze was dealt by Derrek and Will with a two-versus-three clear of A site, ending the map in 100T’s favor with a score of 13-6.

Ascent was the last map of the day and FaZe once more struggled to pick off 100T’s players. Bang led 100T to a dominant first half with strong cover on A site that turned around what appeared to be numerous losing fights for the team.

By this time, 100T seemed to have destroyed FaZe’s morale. Only three rounds separated 100T from a definitive win and FaZe was watching every corner of the map. But their efforts were in vain as 100T swept through them, ending the map with a devastating 13-3.

After this victory, 100T will go to the grand finals of the North America LCQ, with qualification into VCT Champions 2022 on the line.

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