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Published: March 24, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • 100 Thieves showed an hour late to a VCT quarterfinals match because they weren’t happy with the server choice
  • Riot wasn’t happy with the team’s unprofessional actions, which resulted in a $5000 fine for the team
  • FrosT, 100 Thieves’ coach, is on probation because of misconduct towards officials

100 Thieves received a $5000 fine and got their coach put on competitive probation after the team belated its arrival at the quarterfinals match against Immortals. 

Server Choice Leads to a Complicated Situation between 100 Thieves and Riot

100 Thieves found themselves quarreling with Riot Games

As the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters neared its end, the team was appalled by the company’s choice of server for the quarterfinals match between them and Immortals. The sour 100 Thieves passively-aggressive entered the shooting range and kept the match from the beginning for over an hour. 

During that time, Hector “FrosT” Rosario, 100 Thieves’ coach, discussed the situation with an official via Discord. However, the coach behaved quite sharply and unprofessionally towards the Riot employee. 

According to Riot, when they reminded FrosT that the team might be disqualified because they didn’t show up, the coach had angrily threatened to influence public opinion against the tournament organizer and Riot Games. However, Riot still refused to change the servers as the company claims to always ensure that it makes a choice best for both parties. 

In summary, FrosT had violated three rules of the VALORANT global competition policy: 

  • Starting the match on time
  • Maintaining a standard of personal integrity and sportsmanship
  • Complying with the decisions of officials

This all resulted in the team being fined $5000 and FrosT being put on competitive probation for the rest of the VCT. If FrosT continues to act inappropriately, he may receive a ban from playing competitively.

The Aftermath of the Complicated Match

Ironically, after all the quarreling over the server, 100 Thieves had no trouble defeating Immortals.

The team then shared a video of FrosT’s discussion from his perspective. They claim to have complied with the official. Moreover, they considered the choice of a server to also be contradicting Riot’s policy of ensuring good server performance. From 100 Thieves’ point of view, FrosT did everything in his power to stand for the best interests of the team. 

Riot proceeded to comment that the shared video was cherry-picked and excluded the parts where FrosT acted inappropriately and threatened to manipulate fan opinion against the gaming company. There were enough witnesses to that, and moreover, the coach had admitted personally to it.

With all said and done, it would seem that 100 Thieves will have to be more careful and diplomatic in future disputes. 

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