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Published: May 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A fan suggested RIOT should add a “previously known as” feature to players’ names
  • This would make it easier to keep track of your friend list when others change nicknames
  • Other fans said players could just use the friend note feature, that’s already in VALORANT

Changing in-game names in VALORANT makes it harder to keep track of your friend list, necessitating a way to look at their past nicknames, a fan suggested.

Players Discuss the Potential Feature

For a long time, Steam users have had the ability to see someone’s past username, making it very easy to find friends and other players. It’s clear to see why this is a useful feature, as many players often choose to change their nicknames as time progresses and they become bored of their older name. It’s also an easy way to check if the new name in your friends list is a person you already know, who has simply changed their name.

This is why VALORANT players want a similar feature implemented in the game. In a recent Reddit thread, fans gathered around and discussed how this could be helpful. VALORANT is a game that allows players to change their names, so adding a feature such as Steam’s name history, would be useful.

That being said, some players noted that implementing such a feature to VALORANT is pointless, as there are already ways one can keep track of their friends, namely by using friend notes. “Who the hell is this? Oh, I looked at the notes I wrote and it’s Bob. He changed his name. Neat,” one fan jokingly wrote. 

However, this too comes with its drawbacks, namely having to always remember to write a not when adding a player. Furthermore, when looking for somebody to add, you have no way to know if they are indeed the player you are looking for if they have changed their name. Fans have also reported that there is a bug that sometimes makes friend notes disappear, making the feature unreliable when you want to keep track of the people in your friend list. “I add a note to everyone but the notes disappear half the time after a name change or period of time it seems,” one comment reads. “Pretty regularly see a new name and hover to check my note and it’s gone.”

Riot has been known to listen to the fandom’s feedback and make changes based on their requests if there is enough of a push. Although adding a “previously known as” feature is unlikely to be added soon, as there still isn’t that much of a push to do so, it would certainly be useful and easier to use than notes, if Riot decides to add it.

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