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Published: June 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players fear a new type of hacking software is running rampant in matches
  • Some also say the game now has a huge problem with smurfs 
  • There seems to be an odd pattern emerging when looking at the agents used

According to many players, VALORANT’s anti-cheat system is not able to consistently detect the new wave of hackers that seem to be plaguing the game recently.

Fans Are Complaining

Hacking is, unfortunately, a part of perhaps all multiplayer games and VALORANT is no exception. The game has on a few occasions been inundated by waves of hackers and it seems like it is in the middle of one now, as many players believe cheaters have been running rampant throughout ranked in the past few days. 

Technically, this shouldn’t be the case, as Riot’s Vanguard Anti-cheat system is supposed to be able to detect all kinds of anti-competitive software, however, the community thinks hackers have found a new way to break it. Players have been complaining of a large influx of hackers and smurfs that appear to have been making the rounds in VALORANT matches these past couple of weeks.

Many vented their frustration in a Reddit post discussing the situation, with players posting screenshots from VALORANT tracker, which show the dramatic change in ability. Some gamers believe it comes from “1 day” cheats, meaning anti-competitive software which you can buy for just a day of use. 

However, in this instance, there’s a more likely answer for this issue – smurfing. Some players noticed that suspicious accounts choose the days they cheat by looking at their agent selection. This could vary based on the day, meaning that it is an account with multiple users, of which at least one is smurfing. “Probably more likely the account is used by multiple people, one of whom is smurfing. Hard smurfing. Generally, hackers tend to have crazier KD in my experience,” one comment reads. 

While this might be the case for some accounts, other players still insist hackers are running rampant through the higher ranks. Ranks like Ascendant seem to be having an influx of hackers, with most cheaters likely looking to reach the highest ranks possible. “Cheating is rampant. Especially in diamond/ascendant lobby,” one comment reads. “Btw not talking because I feel it, if you are a tech-savvy person take a look at GitHub/forum on the topic Vanguard has been already solved and defeated, nowadays not even a custom bootkit is needed to do so.”

Fans have often discussed the idea of adding an SMS verification system, where VALORANT players would have only one phone number attached to the specific account. This would in turn make it more difficult for hackers and smurfs to swap from one account to an entirely new one. However, Riot has not given any sign of wanting to implement such a system any time soon.

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