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Published: December 7, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Valkyrae tweets how much time is left on her YouTube Gaming contract
  • She surprises fans with how much time she’s got to fill up
  • Her followers suggest what activities she should do

Fans of popular streamer Valkyrae are surprised by key details of the star’s contract with YouTube after she revealed how much time on the agreement is left.

Valkyrae’s Contract is Ending Soon

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has made her name as a streamer on Twitch but in January last year, she announced she is leaving the Amazon-owned platform in favor of a deal with YouTube Gaming. Recently she has revealed on Twitter how much more time her contract is going to last and fans are surprised.

In a Tweet on December 4, Valkyrae said to her followers how many more hours of streaming she has left to fulfill her contract obligations, and that her agreement’s end is nearing.

The streamer revealed the date of her contract end and the fact she has almost two hundred hours left to fill. She jokingly asks if anyone wants to play games with her to help her fulfill her contract. This surprised many of her followers, who flooded her comment section with suggestions about games and activities she might do.

Last Minute Grind

By her tweet, we can estimate that Valkyrae has about six weeks left on her contract. Making some rough calculations, this means the streaming star has to do an average of 33 hours of streaming each week or almost a full 40-hour workweek. This means that Valyrae has to think up a ton of content.

Her desperate call for help garnered attention from her followers, who shared their opinions on what they would like to see Valkyrae do. Some suggested long 24-hour streams, saying less than a dozen of them would do the job.

Others, like Twitch streamer Froste, suggested playing Battlefield together. Friend of Valyrae, QT Cinderella, lanced the idea of making a “100-hour chocolate cake”, saying that if they do that, she will be half done with her obligation. Popular Youtuber Jacksepticeye suggested a “Big Thankmas stream on the 11th!”.

Just like students doing assignments at the last moment, it is also not uncommon for big streamers to have some more work at the end of their contracts. It is safe to say that the 29-year-old has it tough because this task coincides with the Halo-themed apparel drop that 100 Thieves, which Valykrae co-owns, just dropped. Regardless of the large amount of work, the streaming star has previously said that she likes YouTube Gaming.

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