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Published: February 8, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • 100 Thieves’ Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has spoken about what it takes to be a streamer
  • She advised her fans to not quit their jobs to start a streaming career as success takes time
  • Valkyrae provided her viewers with valuable tips on how to try out streaming without being left disappointed

Valkyrae has provided valuable advice on what traps aspiring streamers should look out for.

People Should Not Quit Their Jobs to Stream

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, a famous streamer and co-owner of the esports organization 100Thieves has spoken about streaming careers, advising her fans to be careful.

Despite streaming becoming the dream job of thousands of gamers across the globe, the so-called Queen of YouTube advised her fans to proceed carefully and not bet everything on streaming. She warned fans that they should not quit their jobs just to become streamers, no matter how appealing it may seem. In reality, she added, becoming a successful gaming persona is much harder than it looks and not everyone makes it.

Valkyrae added that this does not mean people should abandon their dreams whatsoever but instead should proceed in a careful, strategic and most importantly, realistic manner. Those sentiments are shared by many of the prominent content creators.

Valkyrae’s Words of Advice

Valkyrae provided her viewers with some tips on how they can get into streaming without being left disappointed. First of all, the Queen of YouTube suggested that fans should begin by getting another job as a backup. She strongly advised against people getting into streaming with the sole idea of living on it.

“Sorry, you cannot go into it with that expectation. It’s not gonna work, and you have to do this for years and years and years and years,” she warned.

Valkyrae explained that people should treat streaming as a hobby and create engaging content that they are passionate about. However, this is the first step and it may still not be enough. Valkyrae explained that the other really important thing is to connect and collaborate with other content creators, get to know people and grow one’s audience.

The Queen of YouTube then proceeded to advise those who want to stream to vary their content. She urged them to try out different games, see what works and what doesn’t and capitalize on the content that attracts viewers. Lastly, Valkyrae used the opportunity to advise aspiring streamers to pick YouTube as their starting platform as she is convinced it will surpass Twitch in the future.

 “I feel valued on YouTube. They make me feel important. On Twitch, that’s not really there. They have so many people on deals that you don’t get that feeling.”

Valkyrae’s words echo those of Ludwig and TimTheTatman, two other streamers who recently transferred to YouTube.

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