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Published: March 8, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Gen.G and the University of Kentucky are hosting the first esports invitational organized by KU from March 12 through March 14
  • The event will feature nine esports universities and make players compete in three select verticals, including VALORANT, League of Legends, and Rocket League
  • Gen.G CEO Chris Park and UK CIO Heath Price are excited to have this opportunity to help students connect 

Gen.G and the University of Kentucky have come together to host the namesake Esports Invitational that will feature nine colleges.

The University of Kentucky to Host Invitational Esports Event with Gen.G

The University of Kentucky (UK) is teaming up with Gen.G to host an invitational esports event that will bring together other colleges with varsity programs and competitive teams in several disciplines, including VALORANTLeague of Legends, and Rocket League

A total of nine institutions of higher learning will attend the University of Kentucky Esports Invitational, with the events taking place between March 12 and March 14. 

The events will all be streamed on the University of Kentucky’s Twitch channel and cast by students. Kentucky Esports Invitational will feature nine universities, including:

  • Auburn University
  • Mississippi State University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Mississippi 
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Tennessee

The event will bring together the best esports student athletes who are part of the varsity programs or just have an interest in competitive video gaming. 

Commenting on the news, UK Chief Information Officer Heath Price said that students are thrilled to have the opportunity to match their skills against fellow students from other universities.

He confirmed that the university is also looking to help students connect as well as provide new exciting opportunities for students:

“We always look forward to providing exciting opportunities to our students, and now more than ever, we hope this invitational provides a platform to continue connecting with each other around the country.”

UK Chief Information Officer Heath Price

Each tournament will come with a $1,000 prize pool, which will be awarded to the winning team. Gen.G will make sure to pitch in and oversee the event, continuing a previous partnership with the UK.

College Esports Staying Power Continues to Impress 

The university and esports organization started working together back in October 2019, with the pair agreeing to explore further career opportunities for students enrolled in varsity programs. 

Gen.G CEO Chris Park confirmed that the organization is thrilled to be hosting what he described as the “first major invitational” featuring some of the top esports universities out there. 

“Remaining connected and unified in the community while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is a top priority for us, and we look forward to bringing a world-class experience to students around the country,” Park added. 

He also expressed his admiration for the staying power esports has had in colleges and its future prospects for development. College esports is not a new phenomenon, with many private and state bodies pushing hard for the adoption of competitive video gaming in higher education.

FACEIT is running dedicated esports college events, and Psyonix’s Rocket League has long been a staple of the esports ecosystem in colleges and universities. 

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