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Published: May 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Chinese organization signs three new players and brings a fourth one from the bench
  • Kelun “?SLOWLY?” Sun is the only player left from the previous lineup
  • Many fans expressed concerns about the language barrier hampering teamplay

TYLOO has signed Serbian emi, Croat ROGA, Mongolian sk0R, and brought back previously benched player SLOWLY as they rebuild their CS:GO lineup.

TYLOO Rebuild Roster

Chinese esports organization TYLOO, widely considered one of the pioneers of the Chinese CS:GO scene, has announced it has signed three new players. Luka “?emi?” Vukovic, Marin “?ROGA?” Rogic, and Tengis “?sk0R?” Batjargal have all joined the roster as the organization is rebuilding one month after failing to qualify for the BLAST Premier Paris Major.

The international trio will join up with Kelun “?SLOWLY?” Sun, who is returning from the bench, and WingHei “?Freeman?” Cheung, who is the only remaining player from TYLOO’s former roster. The signing of the four international players markes the moving to the bench of longtime riflers YuLun “?Summer?” Cai and YuanZhang “?Attacker?” Sheng, as well as Zhenghao “?DANK1NG?” Lv and 19-year-old Shengjun “?aristo?” Jin.

The reason for this massive roster shift is likely TYLOO’s failure to make a mark on the international stage in recent months. The team reached only the first of the post-pandemic Majors, PGL Stockholm, where they went out in 12-14th place with a lackluster 1-3 record. 

TYLOO’s move to an international roster comes a year after Serbian Nestor “?LETN1?” Tanic took over the team. This likely played a part in the choice of new players, namely Croatian AWPer ROGA and Tanic’s compatriot, emi, with whom he has already played. ROGA also has experience playing with emi for Partizan, so the Slavic duo should work well together.

Rounding out the international team’s starting five is former TheMongolz rifler sk0R. The 21-year-old player has experience competing for Mongolia’s top side while they were still known as IHC, but was released from the team despite being one of the team’s highest-rated shooters, to the dismay of many fans.

With this, TYLOO’s new roster becomes quite colorful, which some fans have pointed out might be a big problem due to the language barrier. One CS:GO fan said on Reddit that this is the “most random” lineup ever while others expressed their surprise that TYLOO went for emi and ROGA out of all the other options available.

Only time will tell if this international team will be able to work together well enough to turn the organization’s fortunes around.

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