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Published: October 11, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Twitch’s Strike Guide has been allegedly revealed
  • The Strike Guide contains information on the platform’s community standards and what content should be deleted
  • Although there is no confirmation the leaked documents are genuine, it is a curious finding

Twitch’s Strike Guide has been revealed and shared on Imgur, according to rumors. Twitch has yet to confirm whether the documents are real or fake.

The Strike Guide Gets Leaked

Twitch’s “Strike Guide” has reportedly been leaked mere days after the recent major streamer data leak. The so-called Strike Guide is a set of rules which determine if some content isn’t suitable for Twitch’s platform and should be removed.

The Strike Guide was initially shared two days ago by a Reddit user who linked several PDF-format documents in Imgur. The user claimed those were the genuine guidelines by which Twitch moderators decide what content to ban. The reveal quickly became one of the hot topics of the community and was shared by some big gaming news outlets such as Wicked Good Gaming. This led to the original post gaining popularity and getting deleted by Reddit moderators.

Dexerto journalists were able to review the content in time, pointing out some curious findings. According to them, the documents had covered over 30 different topics for what can and what cannot be streamed. The Strike Guide provides moderators with a detailed guide, full of examples, that teaches them when to allow something, when to ban it on sight and when to leave the decision to their higher-ups.

Going into detail, those sections include what content is considered sexual or what exactly is considered nudity, which racial slurs demand immediate action and so on. There is also information on when and how to act against spam bots and hate raids. Furthermore, the Strike Guide details a course of action in case of streaming issues such as a streamer getting arrested, swatted, having a sudden health emergency or even dying.

More Trouble for Twitch

Twitch hasn’t confirmed those documents to be true and people who manage to find them on the internet should take them with a grain of salt. Yet, it is definitely a curious finding. With moderators of sites purposefully taking down posts about this, there is some chance that this might actually be the real Strike Guide.

A few days ago Twitch had a scandalous leak where the top 10,000 streamers had their yearnings for the last three years released to the public. Similar to the Strike Guide situation, that leak provided some quite curious industry information to the public, sadly at the expense of those content creators’ privacy.

Twitch has been having some issues recently, with the leaks being one but not all of them. The platform has failed to meet some of its fans’ and streamers’ expectations and has received critiques for not being able to quickly manage the hate raid problem. It has also seen some prominent content creators leave the platform.

To mitigate the problem, Twitch has tried to keep a constant stream of content updates with varying degrees of success.

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