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Published: September 28, 2021

Written by: David

  • Streaming platform Twitch will reportedly be introducing new chat verification features
  • They will allow content creators to demand email and phone verification from users who wish to join the chat
  • The verification system has its issues but is a step in the right direction

Reports have it that Twitch is about to roll out new chat verification features that limit the impact of hate bots.

Twitch Reportedly Prepares New Anti-Hate Features

The fight against hate raids continues as Twitch allegedly prepares to add new chat moderation features. According to various reports, the leading streaming platform will soon allow content creators to demand verification from viewers who want to use the live chat features.

“Twitch will soon be giving streamers better control over who can chat in their channels based on email and/or phone verification,” streaming journalist Zach Bussey claimed in a Tweet.

According to leaked screenshots, Twitch will introduce a system called “Channel Privileges”. It will allow streamers to demand viewers to verify their emails and/or phones before they are able to comment in the chat. Thanks to this, hate raiders will have a harder time making new accounts and rejoining a chat. Streamers who do not wish to curate their chat can simply turn these features off or can add exceptions to the verification for subscribers and anyone else they wish.

Bussey pointed out that they may receive various changes before getting released to the public.

Some Doubt the New Features’ Capabilities of Solving the Issue

Some Twitch veterans scrutinized the new features. Although there is nothing wrong with the idea of a verification process, Twitch as a platform has other issues that may devaluate the worth of such a feature. Streamer CarcinogenSDA reminded the community that Twitch allows numerous accounts to be registered under the same email address.

He mentioned that this in itself is enough to dramatically minimize the effect of the email verification option. The content creator feels frustrated by the fact that Twitch has yet to limit the registrations to one account per email. 

“So annoying they haven’t done that yet, it makes verifying email completely moot if bots spammers, and trolls can just rereg on the same email,” CarcinogenSDA ranted.

Other Twitch users were disgruntled by the fact that the chat verification feature seems like Twitch is running from responsibility and is leaving streamers to figure things out for themselves.

The Battle Against Hate Raids Rages On

As always, there are two sides to the story and some were actually content with the changes. Community members suggested further improvements to the verification system that may make its implementation more worthwhile and effective in combating raids. Some even suggested adding a CAPTCHA that will immediately stop bot-controlled accounts from entering a live chat.

Twitch is yet to say anything on the matter, so it’s quite unclear whether and when these verification features will be added to the platform. Although they seem imperfect, even some mitigation of the hate raid damage would be welcome as many streamers have experienced an increased level of harassment in recent times.

The type of harassment varies from sexist remarks to racial slurs. Some raiders are real accounts but many are bots that return no matter how many times they are banned. The community has been quite vocal about the issue and is growing restless as a final solution is yet to be in sight.

That isn’t to say Twitch isn’t trying – the platform has multiplied its efforts and is even seeking legal action against two prominent hate raid ringleaders. It is yet to be seen how the situation will unfold.

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