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Published: August 12, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • In recent times cases of harassment and misconduct on Twitch have been becoming more frequent 
  • The video streaming platform will be addressing this by implementing stricter verification steps for registering new accounts
  • The measures will limit the ability of harmful users to infinitely create new accounts

Twitch takes action against harmful happenings on its platform by tightening security.

Implementing a Stricter Verification to Fight Harassment

Twitch is also a prime target of harmful bots and ill-intended stream raiders as the most popular video game streaming platform. Seeing that botting and raiding cases have been becoming more frequent and several content creators have been damaged by that, the streaming service has decided to take action and release future updates that address the issue. 

Twitch will have a lot of work if it is to completely eliminate such malpractices from its platform, but it is already putting efforts: for example, Twitch shared that it has identified where the proactive filters were prone to abuse. The streaming platform quickly minted a new update that tightens the measures against harmful comments in a content creator’s chat. 

However, this isn’t the last action that will be taken. The platform promised future updates that will introduce channel-level ban evasion detection. Twitch will also be tightening the account verification systems. These two measures are important steps in order to limit harmful content and botting.

Until now, many people who don’t hold their accounts dear have just been making new ones after getting banned for offensive behavior. However, if Twitch is to take measures against those practices, it will at least slow down ill-intended users as it will become harder for them to continue affecting the community at the same pace. 

It is still unknown how effectively Twitch will address the ongoing issues. 

Raids: An Issue That is Harder to Deal With

Raids, however, are a much more tricky matter because by definition involve numerous people. Even though bans are still handed, it is more difficult to track down every participant and even more difficult to determine who the organizer is. Warnings are still given, bans are still handed down, and the new verification system will likely limit raids’ impact, but it’s an issue that will require more work. 

No matter how many security systems are implemented, it is possible that such community issues might never be fully gone. Therefore one of the best suggestions is for people to stay vigilant, use the advice on Twitch’s Managing Harassment page, and report wrongdoers when they see them.

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