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Published: November 5, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Amazon-owned Twitch can do better by its streamers, the community argues
  • Streamers are demanding for a fairer pricing model of the subs
  • Alternatives such as Facebook and YouTube Gaming are offering better rates already

DEZirableGamer, Heilune, Kendrisite and GE Carlos are just some of the streamers who have mustered up the courage to publicly argue the case for a fairer Twitch sub cut.

Community Streamers Speak Up

Bringing home the bacon gets tougher when the people at the top aren’t exactly happy to share the fruits of your hard work with you. This is the case many Twitch streamers have argued, joining a growing choir of discontent over what they call an unfair subscription revenue model.

As YouTube and Facebook Gaming are already encroaching on Twitch territory, and trying to pry away some of its top talent, the Amazon streaming giant should sit up and listen. Twitch has been bogged down in some controversy of its own, for sure, although platform has stepped up its efforts to plug data leaks and fight hate raids.

Yet, some streamers have already left for greener streaming pastures with TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo bidding Twitch a decisive goodbye. So, what seems the issue? In this case it’s the way Twitch distributes its new sub revenue. When streamers convert a new streamer on Facebook Gaming, they get 100% of the revenue. However, the Amazon-owned streaming giant chooses to split 50-50.

Addressing the Issue Head-on

While this seems a fair amount at first blush, it doesn’t seem to be working in practice. The first to criticize the revenue – or at least to do so vehemently online – is DEZirableGamer.

Understandably, others piled on arguing that her case was just. More streamers argued that the current model doesn’t make it easy on streamers who are constantly pushing to add subs and retain people. Heilune, an Overwatch streamer and Twitch partner, argued that Twitch will change because rival platforms, and specifically YouTube Gaming, are already offering much better deals.

Streamers kept coming and turning the topic over and over and amid the criticism, there were grains of sound advice to streamers who are looking to bring more viewers and subs to their channels.

Some Good Advice on How to Break into Streaming

One streamer recommended would-be Twitch streamers to not go full-time until they were prepared to dedicate to this lifestyle and handle the inconsistent revenue that streaming can often generate.

A streamer by the Twitter handle of Kendrisite argued that when they summed up the bottom line of how much Twitch had generated off their streaming, it “made them sick.” In other words, Twitch is making too much off subs for which streamers have to work hard to acquire and retain in the first place.

As more alternatives are now available, the Amazon-owned giant may do best to take heed of the wave of discontent and listen to the community rumbles.

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