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Published: October 6, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Twitch is working on an emote analytics feature for streamers
  • It will allow content creators to closely follow the statistical use of their custom emotes
  • This will help them to get objective feedback and make even more likable emotes

Twitch is about to introduce a way for streamers to follow which of their emotes get the most attention – the emote analytics feature.

Providing Insights in the Usage of Emotes

Twitch is introducing yet another feature to help content creators follow the tendencies of their fanbase. This time it will be focused around the emotes – one of the things that really sets Twitch apart from other platforms.

With the “emote analytics” tool, streamers will be able to see statistics of what emotes do their fans like the best and which ones do they forgo using. Thanks to that, channels will be able to take important feedback, make more likable emotes, and avoid making ones that never get used.

The emote analytics feature will be accessible through the channel analytics section in a content creator’s dashboard. In that section, various statistics will be automatically provided for each emote’s usage – including how many times an emote has been used and by how many people. The emote analytics tool will also track when users use the emotes of a channel in a different channel, which will provide more global statistics on which emotes have the highest potential of going viral.

Furthermore, there will be advanced information on an emote’s usage, including the ability to follow how an emote develops over time. Streamers will be able to check which emotes were the most used on certain days and how emotes grow or fall in popularity as time passes. Users will be also able to filter the emotes by type to see if there is any disparity between the performance of still and animated emotes.

Twitch’s new emote analytics feature will first undergo an experimental phase before getting released to all streamers on the platform. Once it gets officially introduced, content creators will have a reliable way to get numerical feedback on the emotes they introduce to their channels.

Twitch’s Controversial Updates

Although Twitch has received some critiques for its inability to quickly solve the persistent hate raid problem, the platform has at least tried to make up by constantly introducing new quality of life features.

In mid-September, the streaming platform introduced an ad manager. Although it promises to get a lot of work off the streamers’ shoulders, many were disgruntled that Twitch’s efforts lay elsewhere and not in solving the hate raid problem.  This isn’t entirely true as Twitch was recently reported to be working on a chat verification system that will mitigate the damage caused by bots. The company also appealed to the law to find two of the most prominent hate raid ringleaders and bring them to justice.

To this day, most of Twitch’s new features continue to receive a mixed response. One of the company’s newest ideas, the “boost” system, came to be considered as a “pay to win” mechanic by many unhappy streamers.

Hopefully, the inoffensive emote analytics feature will prove to be a welcome addition to Twitch’s roster of tools.

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