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Published: May 25, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • The Mortal Kombat X Lives was rescheduled following the doxing of several players
  • The doxing consisted of some sensitive personal information about the players being leaked
  • The next phase of the tournament will take place on an unspecified later date

Mortal Kombat X Live has been postponed following concerns about player doxing.

The Event Gets Rescheduled Out of Safety Concerns

The top eight of the Max Presents: Mortal Kombat X Lives! tournament by Twitch Rivals and Maximilian Dood has been postponed. The reason was a wave of doxing that hit some of the participating players.

The doxing came in the Twitch chat, where sensitive personal information about some players started being leaked. That included their addresses as well. Concerned fans began noting this both in the chat and on Twitter.

The leak of the personal information affected several players, among which Julien “Deoxys” Gorena and Curtis “Rewind” McCall.

According to reports from fans, the one behind the doxing has been into this for a while, previously sharing a video of July Sailean being kicked from an online event.

Out of concern for the players’ safety, the organizers stopped the event. They later announced that the top eight-part would be held as a separate event on a later date. Everything else, including players, positions, and brackets, will remain the same.

Twitch Rivals and Maximilian Dood Promise a Continuation

The event was organized in a collaboration between Twitch Rivals and the prominent fighting game figurehead Maximilian “Maximilian Dood” Christiansen. Both of them later made an official announcement, confirming that the Mortal Kombat X Lives will be postponed.

Twitch also informed fans on what’s happening:

“We do not condone the harassment of any kind on Twitch, and we have paused today’s Max Presents: MKX Lives! Twitch Rivals tournament to ensure the safety of our participants. The top eight phases of the tournament will be rescheduled for a later date,” the announcement reads.

Sadly, crooked practices are still a part of esports. Doxing is one of the most dangerous such practices because it consists in the infringement of one’s personal life. Moreover, it can put someone’s safety at risk, especially when it comes to prominent and/or rich players who might become the targets of criminal activities.

Various esports leagues and organizations have been involved in a non-stop struggle to end activities such as doxing, cheating, match-fixing, and the like for good. Various partnerships have been established to that ends. Luckily the efforts have a degree of success as recently Joshua Mullins was handed down a 10-year prison sentence because of his frauds, and a cheat-seller network was busted earlier this year.

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