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Published: April 10, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The event is aimed to encourage smaller streamers to grow on the platform
  • Twitch did a similar event in North America last September
  • Streamers can win various prizes at the end of the event based on the number of subs they gained

Twitch is making another SUBchallenge event open to select streamers from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Hundreds of European Streamers Can Now Participate

Twitch streamers have always devised ways to earn more subs. Be it long endurance streams, crazy challenges in games, thinking of new ways to interact with viewers, collaborations, and subbatons, streamers have done many things to reach out to a larger audience.

However, sometimes Twitch itself does things that help content creators attract more viewers. One such initiative is the SUBchallenge, a gift incentive program with multiple tiers. The platform has already done a similar event last September, but it is not bringing it back with a select few streamers from the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

The first event in September last year saw creators participating receive various gifts based on the number of subscribers they gained during the event’s duration. Subscriber goals ranged from 100 to 5 000 subs and streamers received various prices at the end of the month depending on their final placement. These gifts varied widely – from a Twitch-branded fanny pack to a full streaming tech bundle.

More Details about the Event

Last year’s event was dubbed the Subtember Subathon Challenge and it was limited to 500 streamers from North America. However, the newest iteration of the initiative sees Twitch expanding this program to select streamers from European countries. According to Zach Bussy, the Amazon-owned platform has designated 100 partners from Italy, 150 from the U.K., 150 from Spain, 300 from France, and 300 from Germany.

The SUBchallenge event starts on April 11, with all participants receiving their prizes near the end of the month on April 24. Subscriber goals have changed somewhat from the ones in the September event. Twitch listed the different tiers and sub goals, which are the same for every country though exchanging euros for pounds in the case of the U.K. They are:

  • 250 subs: Twitch beanie and 20 euro Amazon voucher
  • 750 subs: Twitch scarf, Twitch metal cup, 20 euro Amazon voucher, and Ring Light
  • 1,500 subs: Twitch backpack, Twitch scarf, 35 euro Amazon voucher, and Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • 2,500 subs: Twitch beanie, Twitch backpack, Twitch water bottle, Sonos One, and 50 euro Amazon voucher
  • 5,500 subs: Twitch beanie, Twitch travel bag, Twitch metal cup, Twitch water bottle, Oculus Quest 2, PC compatible capable, and 50 euro Amazon voucher

The rules of the event are rather simple. Twitch does not require anything special from streamers, just their registration for the event. “No channel is the same, so feel free to promote and engage the challenge in a way that suits your community,” the SUBchallenge announcement reads.

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