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Published: September 28, 2021

Written by: David

  • Twitch has signed a DMCA deal with Warner Music Group
  • This continues Twitch’s efforts to limit the scope of the copyright issues on its platform
  • Twitch and Warner Music Group are yet to share the full details of their agreement

Twitch steps in to relieve content creators from copyright stress by inking a DMCA deal with Warner Music Group.

Twitch Signs a DMCA Deal with WMG

Streaming giant Twitch has announced that it has inked a major Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) deal with the multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate Warner Music Group. This move is a part of Twitch’s ongoing goal to minimize the music copyright hurdles happening to its streamers.

According to Twitch, Warner Music Group has agreed to adopt a higher level of DMCA flexibility when it comes to Twitch users. This doesn’t mean that streamers will be exempt from copyright laws but instead means that they will face less severe issues when they knowingly or accidentally use copyrighted music.

Music performers and producers will still be able to defend their rights and file a complaint where a piece of theirs has been used without permission. Yet, things will be better for Twitch content creators as they will not be immediately penalized for breaking copyright laws. Instead, they will likely receive a fair share of warnings before finally having action taken up against them.

The partnership will also see various recording artists coming to Twitch and will create a standalone music space featuring premium music-centric programming.

The Full Details Are Yet to be Revealed

In a release, Twitch commented on the new deal:

“This marks our first partnership with a major record company, bringing the Twitch community new ways to interact with music-related content on the service and granting artists a more direct connection with fans,” the streaming platform announced.

Twitch added that it knows the content creators probably have a lot of questions and promised to share more with them soon.

This is indeed so as people are quite curious to see what in the DMCA process will be changed. For now, most that content creators have is vague news without any real explanation whatsoever. Yet, even so, it’s likely that Twitch is considering the copyright claim hurdles some users have and is moving in a direction where streamers don’t have to be extra careful out of fear of penalties and fees.  

Collaborating with the music industry is the first step towards these goals. Recently Twitch signed a similar agreement with the National Music Publishers’ Association. The platform will likely continue its efforts to relieve its users from the copyright pressure.

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