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Published: February 4, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Trainwreckstv has revealed that he makes much more than a million dollars a month
  • The slots streamer explained that $1 million wouldn’t be enough for him to make the big bets he usually places on stream
  • Trainwrecks admitted that he would sometimes over-gamble using both his proceeds and what he already has

Trainwreckstv has provided insights into the money he makes each month thanks to his deal with

Trainwrecks Earns Over a Million Each Month

The popular slots streamer Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Faraz Niknam is known as one of the richest and most generous people in streaming. In a recent stream, the content creator admitted that his deal with is actually yielding him much more than $1 million.

Trainwrecks made the reveal when one of his viewers suggested that the streamer is making a million each month.

“I am not making $1 million a month, I am making much more. The f*ck you mean $1 million a month? That was the first month, buddy.”

Trainwrecks was rather disgruntled when he addressed the viewer. He asked them if they have ever seen what sums he gambles with. The content creator explained that he mixes what he makes and what he already has to gamble raw. He admitted that this may not be the smartest thing he’s done.

Trainwrecks would usually gamble a lot of money during his streams, sometimes betting thousands per slots spin. He has lost a ton of money gambling on stream but his deal with Stake provides him with enough to cover his expenses.

Trainwrecks’ Renowned Generosity

Trainwrecks added that he would happily share some of his salary with his audience and friends but isn’t allowed to do so since this will set a bar for all other slots streamers.

However, Trainwrecks has shared a lot of his winnings with his audience and other streamers. In January, for example, he gave away a million during a stream after he had hit a jackpot. The recipients were his close friends and many of his subscribers, which immediately boosted the streamer’s popularity.

Slots streaming has been a controversial topic in the world of gaming. Many anti-gambling activists have opposed the inclusion of slots streams on Twitch, forcing the platform to implement some restrictions on third-party gambling promotions. However, the opposition hasn’t stopped Trainwrecks from playing and being successful while doing so.

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