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Published: September 7, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Slots Twitch streamer Trainwrecks is starting to feel worried about his gambling sponsors
  • The content creator feels that some of the offerings on gambling platforms are too unfair and urges his fans to refrain from gambling
  • He might be leaving the Slots category but that is yet to be seen

Slots Twitch streamer Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam is increasingly concerned about his gambling sponsors and contemplates leaving the category.

Trainwreck’s Concerns with His Sponsors

Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam is a Twitch streamer under the Slots category. As a content creator, Trainwrecks has been recently having a lot of second thoughts about his gambling sponsors and gambling as a whole. On September 3 he released a new video where he expressed his concerns.

Trainwrecks revealed that even if he’s always been unsure how to feel about gambling previously, he is now worried. He has been trying to stay clean as much as possible but he has been admittedly feeling more and more concerned about his gambling sponsors.

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“It’s super weird. Some of these things that I’m witnessing… Some of these statistics are near-impossible, do you understand? It’s near-impossible,” Trainwrecks said.

Apparently, the realization of how few chances of winning from slot-based games are has struck him hard and he no longer feels good, knowing he is propagating gambling to his fans. The Twitch streamer revealed that he had even contacted his sponsor to ask him if what they are doing is even winnable.

“I’ve put my name behind this s*it!” Trainwrecks said and added that if he gambles, he wants it to be clean.

He finally concluded by asking his fans not to gamble as their chances of winning are minuscule.

The Content Creator Might be Leaving Slots Soon

Niknam has always been a somewhat reluctant ally of gambling as he never really encouraged it. He is always reminding his audience to not gamble and that he does it only because he has a massive sponsorship behind his back.

Gambling content has been allowed on Twitch under the Slots category but has been the subject of various controversies. Many people feel that such content shouldn’t be allowed on the site, while others are okay with it. Whatever people’s opinion, the category has already established itself and is likely there to stay.

Yet, Trainwrecks isn’t the first one to start taking things with a grain of salt. Other content creators have already left Slots for good. It is yet to be seen whether Trainwrecks will follow or not.

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