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Published: November 2, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • EA Games has refused Trainwrecks entry to the MFAM Gauntlet
  • The reason seems to be Trainwrecks’ ties to gambling
  • The content creator was bewildered by the decision, which he deemed to be hypocritical

Trainwrecks accused EA Games of virtue signaling for banning him from the MFAM Gauntlet by NICKMERCS.

Trainwrecks Refused Entry to the MFAM Gauntlet

Trainwrecks is a prominent Twitch creator who has risen to popularity thanks to his charitable nature. He is often seen playing under the Slots category but likes other games as well. However, his ties to gambling seem to cause him trouble as EA has refused him an entry to the MFAM Gauntlet.

The MFAM Gauntlet is an Apex Legends tournament hosted by FaZe Clan’s member NICKMERCS. It will have a prize pool of $50,000 and will be a big community event many streamers will take a part in. Not Trainwrecks, however.

Apparently, EA Games who are helping NICKMERCS and Respawn Entertainment host the MFAM Gauntlet aren’t willing to have Trainwrecks around. The reason is, of course, his tendency to stream gambling-oriented games.

Needless to say, Trainwrecks wasn’t exactly thrilled by this decision.

Trainwrecks Harshly Critiqued EA’s Approach

Trainwrecks exploded on Twitter with accusations against EA Games. According to him, their decision to stray away from him because of his gambling content is not only virtue signaling but hypocritical.

The content creator bashed EA for being comprised of “corrupt shady f**ks”. He explained that he’s been previously paid $150,000 by EA to play Apex Legends. In his eyes, it seems beyond hypocritical of the company to pay him to promote the game but ban him from a tournament with a far smaller prize pool than what he was paid.

The absurdity of EA’s holier-than-thou anti-gambling stance was critiqued by another Twitch steamer ConnorEatsPants.

“The last thing EA would ever do is want to promote gambling to minors, god forbid if a system like that ever came to Fifa,” Connor jokingly said, referring to EA’s controversial lootbox-styled microtransactions.

EA has been under fire for its predatory microtransactions before and has been subjected to a lawsuit because of it. Furthermore, for years there have been fan-made memes of EA’s way of monetizing even the smallest aspects of their games. In the light of that, the decision to bar a community-oriented person such as Trainwrecks baffled fans.

Trainwrecks finally added that he would support NICKMERCS’ event for double the money EA has offered. The latter company has yet to address the matter.

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