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Published: September 16, 2021

Written by: David

  • Trainwrecks called frauds gambling streamers who constantly win
  • Over social media, the gambling streamer insulted the whole gambling streaming section and accused some streamers of being frauds and scammers
  • The famous gambling streamer said that streamers who scam their viewers with constant wins expose them to risk

Trainwrecks, one of the most famous gambling streamers argued over social media that streamers who constantly win are frauds. In a couple of angry Twitter posts, Trainwrecks outlined that whenever he calls out a streamer that constantly wins, suddenly they start to lose. However, this is not the case with him, considering that he has lost significant amounts of money while gambling streaming.

Can a Gambling Streamer Constantly Win? Trainwrecks, Says It’s Scam

One of the most famous gambling streamers on Twitch, Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam criticized the whole gambling section calling gambling streamers who keep winning “frauds.” One of the main reasons for his frustration was that streamers that only win do not take the same risk as others who gamble. Trainwrecks criticized streamers that keep winning that they get viewers hooked and expose them to risk. Swearing at affiliate codes, money deals, and the whole gambling section, the streamer called it “f**king dog s**t section.”

F**k affiliate codes, f**k fake money deals, how can streamers get viewers hooked when they themselves aren’t taking the same s**t risk they want to expose others to,” wrote Trainwrecks

Although now the Twitter posts have been removed, Trainwrecks’ reaction clearly outlines how frustrated he is with the situation. In fact, Trainwrecks himself has lost quite a lot of money while streaming and despite having sponsors, he even considered the possibility of stopping the gambling streams.

I don’t give a f**k who comes after me or who puts me in their sights, if you win every day you’re fake and a fraud,” reads a Tweet shared by Trainwrecks

In the first Tweet that he shared on September 11, he said that he doesn’t care if he gets into somebody’s sights and stressed that streamers that keep winning every day are fake and fraud. Supporting his statement, Trainwrecks said that once he calls out certain streamers they suddenly start to lose. Clearly frustrated by the situation, he deemed such gambling streamers as “scammers” and “f**king trash.

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