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Published: September 3, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • TimTheTatman is happy with his switch to YouTube Gaming and suggests that you may be, too
  • The streamer recommends YouTube Gaming as the more intuitive platform for new streamers
  • Discoverability on Twitch is one of the reasons why TimTheTatman recommends to stay away from the platform

After making the switch to the Google-owned streaming platform, TimTheTatman dropped a valuable piece of advice to new streamers.

TimTheTatman Joins YouTube Gaming and He’s Happy

A bit of an exodus, this is how we can describe the recent outflow of streaming and content talent from Twitch in favor of YouTube Gaming. Often seen as the unwanted step-sibling of Twitch, YouTube Gaming is quickly becoming a promised new land for the likes of Dr. Disrespect, DrLupo, and most recently TimTheTatman.

TimTheTatman has become the latest to change his home streaming base with YouTube Gaming after he announced the news on September 1. But why is he switching? There are at least several things the streamer appreciates about the platform, and one of them is being able to pause and come back to the action without any spoilers.

But it’s not just that. “Ultimately, at the end of the day, man, there are more eyes on YouTube and more people know about YouTube,” TimTheTatman explained citing business strategy into his overall consideration as well.

In the wake of Mixer’s shutdown YouTube Gaming and Twitch have been guns-a-blazing against one another to ensure that they provide gamers with the best streaming experience possible. TimTheTatman also believes that YouTube has a more welcoming overall environment for new streamers who are only looking to get started.

New to Streaming? Swing for YouTube Gaming

“So, it’s like all the eyeballs can be funneled into an algorithm that recommends something,” he explains, and compared the experience to the way Twitch makes different categories and as a result, often bars visibility.

He attributed some of the discoverability on Twitch to sheer luck. One example he offered was with Call of Duty Warzone, a game that has hundreds of streamers stacked up that you can be scrolling as he puts it – forever. In light of this, a lot of your chances of making it on Twitch come down to pure chance he believes.

YouTube has different algorithms Tim explained, and he is correct. Google, which now owns the platform, relies on “organic” search parameters which determine how content is discovered. Tim didn’t bash Twitch for the recent wave of hate raids nor chimed in with other streamers that Twitch has been not really looking out for content creator’s best interests.

For TimTheTatman, being on YouTube is just a smart business choice, although he must be tempted by some of the more liberal conditions that YouTube Gaming offers at the time. Asmongold, another beloved streamer, recently vituperated against Twitch and how the platform had refused to sign an exclusive contract with him.

DrLupo, who made the shift a few days ago, explained that YouTube Gaming had shown interest in his personal life and how he can balance between his personal life and streaming responsibilities.

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