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Published: September 21, 2021

Written by: David

  • Popular streamer TimTheTatman joins Complexity Gaming
  • Tim is happy to be part of the team that is owned by NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys
  • His fiercely individualistic streaming career will now have to fit in the context of an organization

Popular streamer TimTheTatman has revealed he will be joining Complexity as a content creator in front of a 90,000 YouTube live audience.

TimTheTatman Joins Complexity

The popular streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar announced that he will be joining a large esports organization. Ever since the start of his content creation career in 2012, he has been riding solo. However, on Monday, September 21 he announced in front of a 90,000 crowd that he will be joining the Dallas Cowboy-owned esports organization Complexity.

TimTheTatman used to be a popular Twitch streamer up until late August this year when, in a shocking turn of events, he announced that he is leaving Twitch for an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. Just a few weeks after the switch, he announced in front of his fans in a Warzone session, that he has joined Complexity, which is owned by Betar’s favorite NFL Football Team.

 “I wanted similar interests to be there,” he said, adding that he didn’t want to sign with any organization that didn’t feel right.

What We Know About the Deal So Far

Betar hasn’t disclosed many details about the new deal, however, he announced that as well as a content creator, he will also be joining the organization as co-owner. Betar has always been a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys, so joining an organization associated with them should not come as a big surprise.

Rumors of the streamer joining an esports outfit have been floating around for months. They started when Betar said he was going on vacation with CouRage and Nadeshot, the CEOs and co-owners of 100 Thieves. Even more, speculations were put forward when TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS, co-owner of FaZe Clan and a close friend with the streamer, were hanging out together at the recent MFAM BBQ in Florida.

In a press release, provided by the team, Betar said that it’s been an amazing experience joining the organization. He stated that he has closely followed Complexity’s success and is impressed with their commitment to their fans and sports.

Over the years TimTheTatman has gained a reputation as a fiercely independent content creator, being solo for his almost decade-long streaming career. He stated that the change doesn’t mean a thing. It is still too early to see how his fans will react to the news.

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