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Published: April 7, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Team SoloMid has announced the TSM University initiative 
  • The program will give people access to mentorships, career panels, discussions with professionals, and internships for free
  • TSMU The program will additionally host additional events like novice tournaments, watch parties, and gaming nights 

Team SoloMid launches the TSM University program that will help enthusiasts learn about how to be a part of the industry and help them on the way there. And to top it, it’s all free.

Team SoloMid Lends a Hand to All Eager to be Part of the Industry

Team SoloMid is one of the biggest esports organizations. It has now decided to use its influence and resources to launch the TSM University collegiate program for all people who are curious about the competitive gaming industry. Those interested will be able to learn what it’s like to work in the esports industry and also take a look inside Team SoloMid and its inner functioning.

In a promotional video by TSM, product manager Allie Hahe gave a quick rundown on TSMU’s goals:

TSM University is mainly oriented towards students, as the name implies, but is not limited to them – Hahe emphasized that everyone who’s interested is welcome to join the community. There isn’t a fee for joining, so everyone can try it out. 

Hahe explained the benefits of joining TSMU. They will include:

  • Career panels
  • Questions and answers with professionals in the industry
  • Mentorships
  • Internship opportunities

Hahe shares that she has experienced first-hand how daunting getting familiarized with the competitive gaming industry can be to a newcomer. She is glad to be able to offer the TSMU program to fresh esports enthusiasts and make their experience easier, more direct, and much more delightful. 

In the video, TSMU’s product manager also promised that the initiative would have an additional focus on gaming events such as casual tournaments, watch parties, game parties, and more to come. 

People who are interested can join by TSMU’s official Discord server. As mentioned before, it’s completely free for anyone to try out. 

Team SoloMid aren’t strangers to initiatives that help people get into esports. They also made an all-women team in support of Riot’s Game Changers Series

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